Most of you are already familiar with me and my work. For those who may be new here, I am telling you a little about myself.

   My name is Lisa and I had an ebay store for 5 years called Real Magickal Treasures. During that time I received more than 5,000 - 100% positive feedback. You can still see that feedback on ebay by simply looking up my ebay name real_magick. 

   I am a solitary grey witch. Grey, meaning that I practice both light and dark magick when applicable. I try to use positive (light) energy exclusively unless there is an absolute need for  using darker destructive energy, which there rarely ever is. I have been practicing for about 20 years. 

  My magick is eclectic. I have my own methods of practicing. It's generally western based but I include elements from other types of magick as well. 

  I do consider myself wiccan. My religion is wiccan witchcraft based so you are visiting my holy temple when you visit my website.

  There are certain extra sensory perceptive abilities that I have which enables me to work with spirit beings more in depth than most other people, which benefits you greatly when buying haunted objects.

  I hope that you enjoy your stay in my realm. 

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