African Witch Doctor - As the name suggests, the witch doctor would cure ailments caused by evil “witches” and malevolent forces. Hexes and threats can be cut down and reversed by their in depth knowledge and expertise. 

Amazon – Female warriors who embody feminine power. They can bring strength and confidence, especially to women.  

Aztec Priest – these are magickal shamans from the ancient Aztec culture. They have extensive knowledge of mysticism.

Celtic Bard - Bards kept the history of their people through stories and or songs plus they were often healers and religious leaders.

Druid – very magickal priests of the Celtic heritage. They often work closely with the fae and are spiritual beings.

Egyptian Priest – They worked in the Egyptian Temples honoring Gods and performing works of magick 

Enchantress – These are mystical, magickal women of nearly any culture. 

Haitian Priestess – They are the high priestess of the Haitian people and practice Vodou or some variation.

Knights Templar – these spirits were knights templar and hold ancient knowledge of magick, spirituality, and architecture.

Magus – This is an ancient magician from the middle east. They usually predate modern religions.

Mayan Priest – a priest from the ancient mayan people. They are great at magick, astrology, and astronomy.

Medieval Wizard – A high magick worker in medieval times. Powerful magick.

Native American Shaman – These are the priests, record keepers, and healers of their people. They are usually gifted in healing and prophesy among other things.

Obeah Man – A magickal practitioner of the African arts. They practice light and dark magick. Deeply connected to the spirit worlds.

Pythia – female oracles from the Temple at Delphi in ancient Greece. They are deeply gifted in prophesy and divination.

Romany Gypsy – A gypsy conjure woman. They are very powerful being that work intense spells. They can work light and dark magick and do all other works of magick as well.

Sorcerer – Any person who conjures spirits and performs magick. They are usually from the middle ages and quite adept at higher magick.

Tibetan Monk – These are peaceful spirits that specialize in spiritual ascension and enlightenment.

Yogi/Yogini – These are males and females who are believed to embody the divine. They practice esoteric spirituality and seek to attain spiritual enlightenment. 


Antinous - Antinous is known generally as the God of homosexuality and male beauty. His abilities in these areas are obvious. He creates attraction of men to men and makes them seem more physically beautiful to all. He is also known to increase crops and abundance. He would be the gay version of a fertility and harvest God…In addition he is attributed with increasing youth, vitality, and health. There are even some stories of him curing horrible diseases…Creativity and the arts are another area that he governs, especially acting in stage productions. He can increase natural talents, inspire, and help you hone any craft while increasing your creativity…Antinous has deep ties to spirituality. He can act as a mediator between men and the Gods, carrying your prayers and requests quickly to the destination. If you meditate and want deeper levels of self acceptance this is an excellent God to help you discover the hidden parts of yourself. …He has a kind, gentle, and loving personality. 

Aphrodite - Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love, Romance, and Beauty. She is also known as Venus in the Roman pantheon… She will give you new motivation to look and feel your best. Then she adds her special magick and makes you even more beautiful. Beauty comes from the inside out so she will teach you to love yourself first and then you radiate a glow from the inside that everyone can see…Aphrodite also brings more love and happiness…She can share sensuality and protection with her human worshipers as well.

Apollo - Apollo is known primarily as a Sun God which gives him great power and esteem. If you gain a relationship with a sun god then you have greater fortune and prosperity in all areas of your life…He is known as a balanced and Just God who will dispense justice but not revenge…This God is well known for his abilities to heal as well as cause illness when that is called for. For anyone seeking to heal or who is involved in medicine in any way he is an excellent God to call upon for aid…Apollo is also famous for his abilities of prophesy. He’s excellent to call upon before doing any form of divination or work with spirits as he will make the messages more easily come to you and clearer…In addition, he’s associated with music, poetry, herding, and just about all areas of human life. He is an excellent God to have a relationship with because he can help you in nearly any circumstance you need him in. Just remember that his sense of justice will not give him pity on you if you have caused your own problems…He is regarded as bi-sexual, and is easily approachable by anyone male or female. His personality is generally very kind and nurturing. I’m sure he will make a difference in your life.

Bast - Bast is the Egyptian Goddess that is depicted with the head of a cat. She actually started out with the head of a lion but evolved into having the head of a domestic cat. Her body is that of a beautiful young woman and her skin tone can change from ebony to fair to gold. She can also take the full bodied form of a cat, in which case she is known as Bastet…Bast embodies feminine power, independence, sensual pleasures and fertility. Nearly every household in Egypt had a statue of Bast to ensure protection and abundance…Fertility is a sign of pleasure and abundance. This Deity is closely associated with reproductive fertility as well as all material increase. In ancient times she was worshipped with indulgence in all areas…She is very sensual and enjoys all the carnal pleasures of life. This Goddess is perfect for someone who cannot allow themselves to enjoy intimate pleasure due to social or emotional hang ups. She can help you to overcome your problems and truly enjoy our most basic instinct. In addition, she can make her followers more sensual and attractive to others…She also embodies the ultimate feminine power. Bast is not really a warrior. The feminine power she wields comes from independence, confidence, seduction, and fertility. These qualities are what truly give women power. If you are struggling to find your independence and sensual nature then this is a great Goddess to have by your side.

Brigid - Brigid is a loving mother sun Goddess in the Celtic tradition…Brigid is spelled different ways including Brid, Bride, and Brigit. Her name is traditionally pronounced (breet or breed)…This Goddess is one of the original triple Goddesses encompassing all aspects of femininity, maid, mother, and crone though she is usually in mother form and what an excellent Mother she is…All things loving and pure can be attributed to her and she is most compassionate and caring to her followers. She will not only help you but nurture and comfort you like any good mother would. This is why the Celtic people loved her. So, she is the archetype mother being…She is a greatly protective spirit who will not hesitate to defeat any threats for those who revere her. I have also found her to be most excellent at healing and health…There are other areas that she rules as well including; witchcraft, magick, childbirth, fertility, agriculture, blacksmithing, creativity, poetry, and inspiration…If you are in need of an all loving and protective mother who can bring positive energy and hope into your life then she is perfect.

Fortuna - Fortuna is a Greek Goddess, the supreme goddess of “fate”. She weaves fate in and through our lives to change the future. Fate can go either way, good or bad. If you have a good relationship with Fortuna then she will be much more inclined to work fate in your favor rather than against you…
She also rules oracles and “chance”. If you practice divination then she can be of great assistance to help you not only see the future but give you direction in how to make the future what you want it to be…
As with fate, chance can go either way so if you take many risks in your life or play games of chance often then Fortuna is a great deity to have on your side. In fact many people worship her simply for her help in gambling and money matters…This Goddess is fairly easy to get along with. If you respect her then she will respect you…It is necessary to mention here that Fortuna can greatly help you with fate and chance to make your life the way you want it but she will not over ride your life path. So, if something is not meant to be then it will not be.

Freya - Freya, sometimes spelled Freyja is the great Goddess of the Norse tradition. … Freya is a unique blend of love, beauty, and protection. She has long been known as a love Goddess with irresistible beauty. She is a very sexual Goddess and as such represents the power and freedom that comes with being a woman. She is the ultimate representation of female power and beauty. She is also very loyal to her followers and offer her protection and protection from all the warriors in her halls..
She is also greatly associated with war. She is the commander of the Valkyries and as such gets first pick (even over Odin) of fallen warriors to stay in her halls. Sometimes you will even see her depicted with a spear and shield to represent her connection with war and valor. Many Vikings would pray to her before battle..Her greatest legend surrounds her getting a necklace of amber and rubies from 4 dwarves. She agreed to spend the night with each of them in exchange for the magnificent necklace. This tale is symbolic of embracing the inner parts of ourselves that are often ignored in order to obtain perfection…She can bring her followers increased sexual confidence, magick, and protection…She also brings health, happiness, love, luck, and creative inspiration to her followers.

Hecate - Hecate an ancient Greek Goddess…The name Hecate (Hekate) is pronounced many different ways (heh-KAH-tay), (eh-KAH-tay), (Heh-KAH-tee) and (Eh- KAH- ta) are all acceptable…This Goddess is ancient. Though considered a greek Goddess, she predates all of the Titans and is one of the oldest known deities in existence. She started out as the Thracian Goddess of earth, sky, and sea and has been villainized in recent centuries to represent only witches, the underworld, night time, and dark things. While she is those things, once you get to know her you will find that she still retains all of her power from her glory days of worship and is a mighty force to be reckoned with. She is still capable of commanding the earth, sky, and sea as well as the underworld and unknown mysteries…Hecate is the original triple goddess: maid, mother, and crone. She reflects all stages of life and can be kind, gentle and loving or harsh and cruel. She represents complete duality…To those that serve and are loyal to her she is most fiercely protective. She will protect and guide you through a journey into your own soul. I warn you, she does not baby you. If you have lessons to learn or are causing your own problems you will be forced to face these things but it will only make you stronger and wiser in the end. This Goddess will help you grow more than almost any other deity…If you have enemies, she can quickly cut down their efforts and repay them in full. She is also very effective at eliminating curses. If you practice witchcraft she will increase your abilities like no other. If you misuse her powers or disrespect her then she will send karma your way and believe me if she teaches you a lesson you will never forget. 

Hel - Hel is an interesting Goddess that is generally feared and misunderstood…She is sometimes pictured as having the bottom half of her body decomposing or simply as a hag. Both images have come about because of the fear and demonization of feminine power. As with other darker Goddesses, she has wrongfully been vilified and her true nature twisted by those who want power, namely men. It is also said that when she was born disease came into the world, again a misnomer…Hel is the Goddess of the Norse Underworld which she was banished to by Odin. This Goddess is still very powerful and can be called upon for many things. She generally does not like humans but to those who worship and honor her she can bestow many gifts including protection, psychic abilities, and magickal powers…The thing that Hel does best is to help you turn within yourself to face your own darkness. It is only by accepting and conquering the deepest parts of yourself that you can have the most power and balance in your life. So her images are actually metaphors for bringing the dark parts of yourself into the open through complete self acceptance…She can take you on an inward journey which you cannot yet imagine as well as helping you gain control over your life.

Horus - Horus is the Egyptian God usually depicted as having the body of a man with the head of a falcon. This is in reference to his power over the air. Falcons are sacred to Horus…He is associated with resurrection, justice, avenging, family, home, beauty, and success. He is also known as the god of war and weapons…Symbols of his eye have become famous. The eye of Horus or Wedjat, is used to repel evil, especially the evil eye. The evil eye is when someone directs negative energy toward you and it causes bad luck, illnesses, poverty, and many other bad things to happen. People can do this out of jealousy or any other negative emotion. They may not even intentionally do this but it can affect you all the same. Just having this being around you will dispel all negativity and help things to move in a positive direction…By inviting Horus into your life you will have a powerful ally to protect you, avenge you, and bring renewed success. He will fight for you when you are down. His powers of resurrection can bring new beginnings to every area of your life. Your family will have a deeper connection to you and everything will be more stable and enjoyable. Horus is a wonderful and powerful entity, a supreme sun god.

Inanna - Inanna is the most prominent ancient Sumerian Goddesses. She is the mother Goddess who is balanced, wise, and whole…She represents womanhood in all its forms. Women have many roles to play in life, more so than men. Many times it is their responsibility to take care of all of the household responsibilities as well as be a mother, wife, daughter, friend, etc. Inanna is the perfect Goddess. She can fulfill and handle all roles equally well. She shows us how to be the best woman possible and never lose herself in the process…Her nature is brave and fearless, she stands up to any challenge willingly and without complaint. She also embodies compassion, love, justice, protection, romance, prosperity, and success. Her abilities are like having several Goddesses rolled up into one. She can bring love, peace, and romance like a love Goddess, achieve justice and protection like a warrior Goddess, and bring abundance and fertility like an agriculture Goddess…With Inanna in your life, your self confidence and self esteem will rise and you won’t be as afraid of anything in your life. Problems that seemed huge before will now seem small. She can quickly change any problem for the better…If you are having a problem with your identity and place in the world she can help you to find peace and balance within yourself while helping you to discover your true path and destiny…If you faithfully worship her she is more than happy to bring wisdom, guidance, prosperity, love, health, and all other good things into your life. She truly is a beautiful spirit that you will enjoy having in your life.

Isis - Isis is the Supreme Mother Goddess of ancient Egyptian mythology. Sometimes she is pictured with outstretched wings or the horns of a bull. She is all; mother, lover, provider, protector, ruler, and friend. Isis has a wonderful presence that can bring you peace and happiness…She is a most dedicated wife and mother. She has been most revered for centuries and still has loyal followers today…This wonderful all loving Goddess can bring peace, love, and happiness into your life. She is especially good at helping you to have a healthy, loyal relationship with your family. She is terrific at helping married couples get through all of the hurdles in life together and helping your relationship with your children…She is also fiercely protective and will smite those who come against her people. She does not pull any punches…Isis is a supreme provider. She is said to bring justice and shelter to all those who are oppressed or downtrodden. Isis is the patron Goddess of the sky, earth, nature, and magick. This Goddess has a lot of power and far reaching influence. Anything that you need help with Isis is there for you. Even if you just need some hope and light at the end of the tunnel…She is awesome to have by your side when starting a new spiritual path. Gently you will be guided in the right direction to go and where to seek answers…Being the ultimate female she is very empowering to women and the feminine energy. If you are a woman struggling to find yourself or just need more feminine energy in your life keep Isis close and you will begin to have a whole new awareness of what the yin energy can do. 

Kali - Kali is an often feared and highly misunderstood Indian Goddess. She is known as the Black Mother and has earned the reputation of death and destruction. While she can be these things she is so much more than that…This Goddess is a dual Goddess, both light and dark. She encompasses all things good and all things evil. In her light aspect, she is loving, caring, and protective. She represents a trinity in all forms such as the stages of life, the phases of the moon, etc. Kali embodies all the good traits of a caring mother. If you are her follower then she will be devoted to you…Being gifted in all aspects of sex and sensuality she can help you to open up more and enjoy your own sexuality. She can even teach you to be self-confident and seductive. Your natural inhibitions will break down and you will be free in romance. Even if you only have one partner, you will find your encounters more enjoyable…In her dark aspect she enacts fierce and fast revenge, curses, and otherwise completely destroys her enemy or yours. There are few other Immortals or spirits that can cause the amount of destruction that Kali can. However, if you show her love and respect there is never a reason to fear her…There is another aspect that Kali has which most people miss. This Immortal can build up or destroy spiritually and emotionally as well. This means that she can quickly eliminate and obstacles to your spiritual growth and destroy all the negative patterns within yourself. If you have emotional baggage she can quickly cause it to be gone for good. Once your emotional garbage and blockages are gone then Kali is excellent at bringing light into your life and taking you to new spiritual heights…Kali is usually pictured in a rather grotesque manner with black skin, a face smeared with blood and a necklace of skulls. She also has four arms that hold weapons and sometimes the heads of her “victims” of revenge. This might throw some people off but once you embrace the thought of physical and spiritual death and rebirth you will understand the symbolism and find it beautiful in a unique way…Kali should always be treated with respect and reverence though you should not be overly concerned about offending her. The only thing that she absolutely will not tolerate is abuse of women so if you aren’t harming women then there’s no need to worry.

Lugh - The Celtic God Lugh is an ancient and powerful being. He is still much revered as being the epitome of a father God…He has all the positive aspects of masculinity that are associated with any sun God as he is a sun god himself. He’s loyal, strong, protective and sincere…This God is very active and never afraid to go into battle, which he does not lose. He actually enjoys a good tossle now and then and will go to great lengths to protect those who are loyal to him. He’s actually known as a celtic god of war but his battles are always for a good reason. Lugh carries a magick spear and sling with which he defeats his foes…He also is the God of all creative endeavors and commerce. Being a true “renaissance man” Lugh is not simply a fighter. He is very intelligent, well educated, and can as easily write a poem as he can make a weapon. Every area of the physical life is under his control and he can easily help you with any physical need you have. If you need inspiration then he can help you with that too…Lugh is fairly easy to get along with and interacts with humans well. So, he will be a great God to call upon for any and all of your needs. Show him love and respect and he will do the same for you.

Neptune/Poseidon - Neptune is the Roman God of the Sea. He is powerful and mighty…He is known to rule the seas and all forms of water including rivers, streams, and lakes. Anything that swims is under his domain…Neptune carries a trident and whip with which he can literally cause the earth to move at his whim. Earthquakes, not usually associated with water, can be caused by his fury as can other natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and tsunamis…Luckily Neptune is generally fairly easy going and does not misuse his power. To those that honor him he is most benevolent and helpful…He’s strictly masculine so while he’s friendly he’s not overly emotional. If you need help with being overly emotional he is a great asset. He can help balance your emotions so you can still feel but not have the drama that usually comes from feeling things too much. You can learn to be more independent, confident, and self assured with Neptune in your life. All the old emotional baggage that does not serve you can be washed away…Although he is not overly emotional, he is somewhat unpredictable and turbulent. You may find yourself taking new risks and challenges with him in your life…Neptune is also a protector and guide to his followers. He can swiftly bring justice and even revenge to those who have wronged one of his followers.

Nyx - Nyx is the Greek Goddess of the night. She is a very interesting and useful Goddess that is often feared or overlooked…Like the Goddess Hecate, she predates Zeus. She is truly ancient and awesome…
The night symbolizes the unseen and unknown of creation. Being the mother of this realm, Nyx can take us to the unexplored places of our own souls and minds. She embodies all the shadows and things that are suppressed or ignored. The depths of their own darkness is what most people fear the most…If you embrace and bond with this Goddess you will find yourself becoming more comfortable in your own darkness and working with your shadow side. This is where all of our deep but primal thoughts, urges, and instincts are kept. This may seem scary to some but it leads to a much more balanced and fulfilling life. Once all parts of your being are melded together your magickal and spiritual energy comes to the height of its power. Basically, Nyx makes the hidden seen, and the shadows revealed…She is known to have connections with sleep, dreams, and divination. In the ancient world she had her own oracles set up and was very helpful in divining the future. She is also said to be connected with fate and destiny. This Goddess can not only see what is fated but she has the power to change fate if she so desires…This Goddess is to be embraced, not feared. She can be quite a good guide, teacher, and even friend to those who come to her without fear and an open mind.

Odin - The God Odin, also known as Woden, is the all powerful King of all Gods (great Father) in the Norse belief system. This God like many others is really difficult to define. He has so many different abilities and personality traits that it is hard to know where to start…He controls the sky, weather, earth, and harvests. If you want to ensure that the environment works in your favor he is a great God to call upon…Odin also presides over fury, war, battles, and hunting. Although most of us don't actually go to war in the physical sense we all have battles and struggles in our lives that Odin can help us with. It seems clear to me that some of us lack the ability to stand up for ourselves. Even when you should feel righteous indignation you just can't stand up for yourself. If this describes you then inviting a powerful male presence like Odin into your life can help you to stand up, be strong, and be courageous…The wild hunt is a term that you don't hear much. It refers to a group of spiritual beings who will literally hunt wrong doers and seek justice and recompense for their actions. This God controls the wild hunt which means you can call on him to send the hunt after your foes. This can affect many areas of their lives and cause everything from inconveniences to illness and accidents. Use responsibly please. A word of caution, you must be irrefutably in the right. If you call the hunt on someone and you are the one in the wrong then the hunt will turn on you instead. Once you call the hunt there is no undoing it, you must let it run its course…In addition, Odin also governs the areas of poetry, writing, music, magick, and medicine. If you are involved in any of these pursuits then he can be a great aid to you in your work…One should know that this God is highly respected and sometimes feared. He can be somewhat unpredictable and volatile so if you become involved with him show him all the sincere reverence that he is due and be prepared for the unexpected. I personally have never had anything adverse or unpredictable occur with him but I warn you all the same. ..All in all I find him to embody all of the powerful and positive aspects of a male God as well as the warrior aspects necessary in any existence. He can empower you in all ways and help you to become more than you ever thought you could be. You will find an inner strength that is deep down inside of you and be more free and confident to be your true self without fear, guilt, or condemnation. If you allow him to he can help to free you body, mind, and spirit…Here's one last thing, possibly the most important about him. He is usually pictured with only one eye, having sacrificed the other to learn the ancient spiritual secrets of the runes. This shows that he is grounded in the physical realm while always striving and sacrificing to gain spiritual knowledge and wisdom. This makes him quite balanced and an awesome force.

Ra - Ra is the Egyptian Sun God, the creator of the physical universe including all life forms. It is he that still tends to his creation and it is he, at least in some form, that most people pray to or worship…This God represents life, growth, health, positive energy, and all things good and abundant in life. He also symbolizes rebirth and life after death. The theme of which can be seen in all major religions…With this vessel you will have a portal or “link” directly to this sun God. He will listen to you whenever you call to him and help you through your life…Manifestations and answers to wishes and prayers can happen much more quickly if you have his full attention. He can heal, bring prosperity, opportunity, youth, love, and all of life’s goodness to you…His association with the sun and rebirth can help you overcome your past and start over in life. If you need to start a new stage in life he is particularly helpful…He can also help you to see that there is life after death and not to fear the unknown mysteries. Fear of death and fear of living can hold you back. Ra can help you have inner peace about the future and allow you freedom to live your life fully while you are here…This being is to be respected but not feared. He is kind, loving, and protective of those that call upon him. He really is the epitome of a creator and father. He only brings peace and positive energy with him wherever he goes…If you have a problem with negative energy or evil attacks he can help immensely. Not only can he protect you but he can break up and dissolve the evil.

Santa Muerte - Santa Muerte is an interesting being from the Mexican culture. This being is usually depicted as a skeleton in a long flowing robe, holding a scythe and a globe. This is a female deity that is associated with death…Death is often feared but if embraced fully it can be a most freeing presence in life. We all will meet death in time and that realization can help us live the present in the best way possible. Coming to terms with your own demise can allow you to fully enjoy each day and be more fulfilled…Death also can mean facing the parts of yourself that are old and of no use any longer then letting them go and moving on…Santa Muerte is a being of transformation and new life. She can bring a calming presence and surprising clarity to you.

The Morrigan - The Morrigan is an interesting and somewhat difficult to define deity. There are many different myths of who and what she is. Some say she’s a compilation or “union” of three different goddesses. In actuality she’s one goddess with triple Goddess aspects just like the triple Goddesses of other cultures. She embodies all stages of feminine life the maid, mother and crone but she doesn’t stop there. The morrigan is unique in that she has definite light and dark aspects…She reigns over battle and war. She uses her magick to change the fate of wars. She holds all men’s fate and destiny and can change it at will. Carrion birds such as ravens and crows are her symbols that she’s most associated with…In her lighter aspects she’s associated with fairies and motherhood…This Goddess rules witches, night, prophecy, and revenge. She’s not a cuddly Goddess and if she’s in your life she will force you to be strong. She teaches sometimes harsh but necessary lessons that help you become more independent and confident…Dark stones, the moon, rivers, and streams are also associated with her…Her appearance can change as she is a shapeshifter. Not only can she turn into animals and birds but she can appear different in human form as well. Some people have seen her with red hair, others have had encounters with her having dark hair. She appears however she chooses at the time.

Thor - Thor is a powerful Norse God, the son of Odin and warrior for his people. He is known as the protector of the common man and the God of battle…He is Alpha Male at its highest level. While he can be somewhat impulsive and hasty he is also loyal, reliable, and a great defender…Thor loves to enjoy all parts of life and when not engaged in battle is rather jolly with a voracious appetite for all indulgences.
He can bring his followers increased protection, strength, courage, confidence, and power…One other thing he is known for is manipulating weather patterns to bring storms, rain, thunder, and lightning. This may seem terrifying but there’s nothing like a good storm to cleanse and refresh.

Zeus - The God Zeus is the most powerful supreme God in the Greek mythology. He is the All, the Father. He holds power over everything in existence physical and spiritual. Zeus really has no equal…This God is most gracious and merciful to those that call upon him and worship him. He is gracious loyal, protecting and aiding all those who belong to him. For those who would oppose him or get on his bad side their life will quickly become ruins…He is usually seen with a scepter and lightning bolts. This signifies his mighty power over nature and all that exists…Zeus also has a reputation for being quite a ladies man and has many rendezvous with whatever women he desires. This shows he is purely male. This is a natural thing for the most powerful males to do…He embodies all the positive qualities of a great Father God and is very approachable to anyone who sincerely asks for his help…With Zeus in your life you can have help from the Supreme God anytime you need it. He can protect you and guide you to an easier and more fulfilling life…When you bond with any immortal it is common to also take on aspects of their personalities so you may become more self-confident, courageous, and bold. You may discover parts of your personality that you didn't even know you had. He can also inspire creativity, and make you more attractive to other people…Sometimes the male God aspect is represented as moody, angry, and fearful. Zeus is none of those things. I find him to be pleasant with a great sense of humor and a love of the finer things in life. As long as you show him sincere reverence you should never have any problems getting along with him.


Bat - Bat totems can teach you to listen to your instincts. In order to find food microbats like this one use a process called echolocation. This means they send out a sound wave which bounces off and locates their prey. They do have sight but use it only as a secondary sense. They rely most heavily on what they hear and feel rather than what they see. If you are their human keeper this can be a great thing to learn. Often times taking people and situations at face value can lead you into serious problems. Learning to listen to your instincts and what you "feel" can serve you the best. How many times have all of us NOT listened to those warning signals that we have and ended up regretting it? A bat can teach you to tune into and rely on your inner feelings, keeping you out of harm's way…In addition, bat can help you to embrace the darkness and find hidden mysteries. Some things are only revealed when we lose all fear and embrace the dark parts of ourselves. Bats can help us along this path.

Bear - There are many bear species around the globe. They are largely solitary animals that are fierce and protective of their territories. While their size suggests they are cumbersome and awkward, when threatened they can move at great speeds and eliminate any obstacle that stands in their path. Because of their strength and power they are virtually king of all they survey…They are very protective of those in their family. As a bear totem keeper you will be family to this bear and it will protect you mightily…Bears think of their needs first and plan for the future. They use this ability to prepare for hibernation and winter survival…Bears can teach you to take care of your own needs. This is something that many of us "martyrs" have yet to learn. Your needs are just as important as anyone else's…Bears can also teach you to plan ahead, especially important in our instant gratification society. ..The most powerful thing bears can do for you is to protect you and break down all obstacles in your path. This can apply to every area in your life. If you have felt blocked at every turn and unable to make progress then a bear can help.

Deer - Deer are a very common animal in most parts of the world. They are often disregarded because of their generally gentle ways but they are an excellent animal to guide one in life…As totem spirits these animals have some great things to offer their humans. They can teach you to be adaptable and change in accordance with your environment. This is very helpful for anyone who tries to “force” the world to fit into their vision rather than changing and accepting things the way they are…Deer spirits can also lead you on new paths and towards new spiritual enlightenment. They can help you learn to listen to your own instinct and intuition and literally help you connect with “higher powers”. You may notice that you even begin to have more psychic abilities and you pick up on things not usual detectable…On a more physical level deer can help you to renew your life, your innocence, and your hope. Taking a gentle approach often does more good than fighting in many circumstances and deer can help you learn to be still, silent, and gentle no matter what is going on around you. This will bring you more peace and comfort in all areas of life.

Dolphin - Dolphins are actually mammals, not fish. These animals have been the source of mythology and folklore around the globe. They are very intelligent and have reasoning ability…Dolphins have been known to act as guides and protectors to humans and ships. They have a definite social structure and have even been known to tend to their injured as well as tending to other sea mammals and humans. They are really fascinating beings…When you invite a Dolphin spirit into your life many good things can happen. First there is an endless source of protection and guidance. Your dolphin will gently steer you away from danger and fight fiercely for you when necessary. Dolphin will look after you like you are their own…Most dolphins have few if any natural enemies but when they have to fight they are fearless. Not only will this benefit you by being protected but they can lend you courage and strength when necessary. For those who are not born fighters this is a great trait to have access to…This spirit can also bring healing both physically and emotionally. Just having one around you can raise your spirits and begin the healing process…In addition, dolphins make terrific companion spirits. They are fun and playful as well as compassionate and loving. They can be great and loyal friends.

Fox - Foxes are beautiful animals that don't get enough recognition. They blend in almost completely with their wooded environment and are quite stealthy…Foxes are very clever and able to reason and figure things out. Their human will be blessed with this wonderful ability. You will be coming up with new ideas and creativity that you didn't think possible before…They are also very cunning and sly. I have seen them circle back around to come toward their prey from the back to suprise them. They are quite effective predators. This is a great quality that some of us can learn, especially in today's world. This could come in quite handy in the workplace. Let's face it, some of us are too nice for own own good and head on confrontations do not work well for us. A fox totem can help you to plan things to your favor behind the scenes without confrontation. When everything is properly in place your opposition will not know what hit them…Invisibility is one more great trait they can teach you. As stated above they blend in completely with their surroundings and can almost disappear. Once you learn this skill from them it can be very useful for those times you just don't want to be noticed but it doesn’t make you actually invisible. ..These animals are loners by nature so if you are alone in this life, as many people are, then fox can teach you to be content and self-sufficient while being alone. Just because you aren't in a relationship doesn't mean life stops or you don't have any value. Fox will help you to be at peace with just your own company. 

Hawk - Hawks are wonderfully keen, fierce predators. They fly in large circles around and around many feet above the earth watching and waiting for their prey to appear. They can see small rodents and reptiles from an unbelievably far distance and swoop in silently for a quick meal. They are beautiful as well as graceful and still highly revered among many…A hawk totem animal can help you focus, a trait some of us lack. Their willful determination can help you see past all that does not matter to find the small nugget of truth in a sea of nothing. Hawk will help you see the big picture and realize what is important…This Hawk will help you stay on your path in life and develop your inner talents. It will also teach you to soar above your troubles and lose all that does not matter…With a hawk totem in your life you will be more focused and clear about everything. You will know what to do and how to do it. It will be much more simple to make the right decisions.

Lion - Lions are amazing animals. They have great strength and adaptability to all situations…Having a lion spirit by your side can give you increased strength, courage, and tenacity in any situation. Learning to speak up and not back down in any situation can help you achieve much more in life than you have ever thought possible…
Lions are clever, patient, and cunning spirits who know how to silently stalk their prey for hours. These traits can help you learn to think situations through and be patient for the right moment to act. These traits can help in business as well as sports and any other pursuit. They can also help you know when to withdraw when a situation is not advantageous…The art of adaptability is probably their best trait. This can teach you to go with the flow and not constantly struggle against life. Being able to change your plans or adjust things as needed is a sign of maturity and wisdom as we can’t always have everything exactly as we want. This lion will help you change and adapt to any situation with ease…This spirit can also help you open up your senses and intuition to sense things unseen. This will help you not only develop your intuition but to give you an advantage in life.

Orca - Orca whales are very intelligent, social, and predatory animals that we could learn from. They are often misunderstood but amazing creatures…An orca spirit can teach you to enhance your thought processes and communication skills making you more effective at everything you do…Also, an orca can teach you how to get along with others in your social group. This is a vital skill in today’s society, learning to co-exist can be a challenge for all of us…Orcas are fierce predators and can help you learn to stand up for yourself and take charge in your life and all situations. Being part of a social group does not always mean complying with others. With an Orca by your side you can learn to be the leader, not the follower. He will lend you courage, strength, and bravery to face your life.

Owl - Owls are revered and even worshiped in many cultures. They are mysterious and wonderful creatures. Many associate them with the gods and say they bring messages from the spirit world…These are largely solitary and nocturnal creatures so seeing a physical one is rare. They have the wisdom and cunning to stay clear of predators and stalk their prey silently…Owl totems can help you to stand back and evaluate a situation before acting. This will prevent you from making any mistakes that you might regret. ..Owls can also help you see through the “darkness” and see a situation for what it really is. You will no longer see only what people want you to see, but what is truly behind the facade…With this owl by your side you will have increased wisdom and awareness, knowing when and how to act in every situation…This spirit will be a guide and teacher as well as connecting you to your spirit nature.

Panther - What can Panther do to enrich your life? When you invite a panther spirit to share your life you will become much more independent and self sufficient. If you are co-dependent or just lack confidence this can be a great help to you. You will learn how to rely on yourself and not depend on others to fulfill all of your needs, both physically and emotionally. Everyone in your life will benefit from your new spirit and confidence…Panther can also help you to learn which things are important and which things to just let go. By nature all cat's, including panthers, spend their time sleeping and resting until it is time to hunt or fight. This spirit can share this trait with you, allowing you to let the little things roll right off you and save your energy for what really matters. ..More great things Panther can do for you is to give you drive, determination, and focus. You will have the drive to start new things and the determination and focus to see it through to the end. If you have had a difficulty starting or finishing projects then this is very helpful. You may even find the motivation to make a much needed life change. 

Rattlesnake - Rattlesnakes prefer to be solitary creatures. They come together for reproduction or to hibernate only. Then they merely tolerate each other…These snakes think only of themselves and their own needs. They are not concerned about the opinions of others or superficial morality. When they are hungry they eat, tired they sleep, etc. They just live in the moment. This is something many of us can learn from. Many of us deny our own needs and desires for others, failing to take care of ourselves or enjoy our lives. We tend to way over think everything and put to many restrictions on ourselves and this causes us to not be sure who we really are or even have any self worth. Rattlesnake will teach you how important you and your needs really are and give you a new sense of self-esteem…Rattlesnakes are also not afraid to defend themselves. Think of their rattle as a warning, saying "back off". When the warning is not heeded, these creatures do not hesitate to defend themselves. Rattlesnake will help you to stand up for yourself, speak up for your rights and defend yourself when necessary…One more great thing that a rattlesnake totem can do for you is help you transform your life. At certain intervals in any snake's life they shed their old skin and start over so to speak. It is this ability that can possible help us humans the most. Many of us get trapped in the past and just can't live for the future. A rattlesnake totem can help you learn to let go of the past and start today with a fresh new outlook. Shed all those emotions and insecurities that have held you back and transform into who you want to be. This is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Raven - Ravens are birds in the crow family, in fact in many places crows and ravens are thought of as the same bird. Ravens are usually a little larger with longer beaks than crows but other than that are almost identical. Some say ravens are bad omens but in many cultures it is quite the opposite. There is much raven can teach us if we listen…Ravens are extremely intelligent beings. They even have the ability to reason and problem solve. Some people compare their intelligence to intelligent mammals. Extra learning and reasoning skills will come easily to you if you have raven for a totem. This can help in school work as well as many career fields. You will learn to use your intelligence to serve you and come up with new solutions to problems that you would have never thought possible. This is a great attribute…Ravens are also very focused and greatly tenacious. This ability can aid raven's human by giving you the strength and focus to see every situation through to the end. Many times we can just give up on our dreams and life itself. With raven by your side you will not only have the tenaciousness to see things through but the focus to make things happen the way you want them. You will not be deterred by roadblocks or obstacles. No matter what happens you will keep your eye on the prize and make things happen for yourself…One more great thing about ravens is that they are very loyal to their families and often mate for life. They can lend you this energy and help to make a solid family life for you. Outside influences just won't affect your family like they used to and things will be more affectionate…Raven totems can also be fierce protectors and take you to a whole new level of spirituality. 

Tiger - Tigers are beautiful and fierce animals. They gracefully and patiently stalk their prey, choosing the exact right moment to attack. This means they can teach their human how to be patient and wait for the right opportunities in life to present themselves. This will help you to avoid leaping into unfortunate circumstances through rash decisions…A Tiger can also help you to learn not to give up and keep going after your goals. For some reason in modern society many of us lose faith and give up on things if the results aren't instant. This causes long term failure. Tiger will help you see all your goals and dreams to fruition through pure willpower and tenacity…All cats are inherently attuned to their environment and some would even say psychic. Bond with a tiger spirit and you may notice your own intuition and sense growing. You may even develop more psychic abilities…Finally, a tiger can provide defense and protection to their human as well as teaching you how to stand up for yourself. Tigers are predators that don't give up and fight until the end. This is a trait many of us could learn…A tiger is absolutely fierce and loyal. All threats will be met head on. They will be a great protector and loving friend to his human.

Toad - When a toad totem enters your life it is telling you that it is time to change. The life that you have been living until now is stagnant and you need to change directions…This totem can help lend you his energy so that you can make the metamorphosis to new and higher levels in your life…They are also highly associated with emotions, intuition, and creativity. So he can increase all of these things in you life…Basically he’s telling you that you’ve been stuck in a rut and you need to tap into your creative side again.

Wolf - Contrary to what some may think wolves are not loners by nature. They have an ordered pack structure and they all work together to hunt and survive. They are generally monogamous and are very nurturing to their family group. Wolves epitomize "family" as well as being wild and finding new paths and opportunities…They will help you to not be afraid of adversaries that seem much "larger" than you and teach you to defend yourself when necessary. Many of us could learn this trait as we just let everyone walk all over us. Standing up for yourself is even looked down upon by some. If you don't stand up for yourself, who will?..When you have a wolf totem you and your family becomes their pack and they are most protective, nurturing, and loyal just as they would be with their own kind. They will always be there for you and can protect you in ways that you cannot imagine...This wolf can also teach you to let down your hair and feel the call of the wild. It is ok to embrace nature. We tend to live in a completely sterile environment and have forgotten that we are part of the earth. Wolf will help you remember. You can explore the hidden parts of yourself that you have forgotten were even there, helping you to become a more complete person. This is especially beneficial for spiritual advancement…Finally, this spirit can help you to find a new path and new options that you had not seen before. As you bond with this wolf and reconnect with your primal self you will begin to think outside the box and things will begin to flow more freely for you.  


3rd Eye Opening and Portal Enchantment – There are two spells together here.The first one will help to break down blockages in your third eye chakra so that you can better communicate with spirits and have infinitely increased psychic abilities. Like the other chakras this can take time but you will make progress much more quickly with this spell. The second part of this spell allows this vessel to be a portal to other realms. When the portal is open other spirits can come through, you may experience paranormal phenomenon and have the time of your life. The experience varies each time you use the portal and from person to person. This spell does not make it possible to physically visit other realms. 

Chakra Balancing and Karma Cleansing Enchantment –This is actually two spells. The first one helps to balance, open, and align the chakras. This will leave you cleansed, balanced, and more spiritually aware. If you have a blockage in a specific chakra then it may take time but this spell will help break down those barriers so you can achieve a higher purpose. The Karma cleansing spell is designed to erase the cosmic slate and let you start over. You will still be accountable for your actions but there will not be any forces stacked up against you. Your karma will be wiped clean but it is up to you to act wisely in the future. These spells also cleanse the aura.
Change my Life Enchantment - This spell gives you a total overhaul in your life. It can quickly bring change in any area that is troublesome or stagnant. New life and hope will emerge and you will finally feel like your life is back on track. No matter what is going on this spell can help smooth things out and work in your favor for a change.

Contact Ancestors and Spirit Guides Enchantment - This enchantment acts to spiritually connect with and contact your ancestors and spirit guides. Direct communication with your earthly ancestors can help you in many ways. It can help you to know who you are and find out more about where you came from and what you are made of. Your ancestors can help you to overcome adversity and problems and even add their combined forces together to protect you. They have much wisdom to share and would love to help you along your path…By connecting with your guides, it will open the door for you to listen to your intuition and the subtle guidance that they give you, keeping you free from hardships and meeting your life’s goals.

Divine Guidance Enchantment - Have you ever felt lost and don't know what to do? Well this spell will help you get guidance from the higher power of the universe. You will be shown the right way and know what to do in any situation that you are uncertain about. All you have to do is ask for guidance and this spell will instantly connect you to the infinite wisdom of the gods. Then you just have to listen.
Evil eye, hex, and curse protection enchantment - If someone has been targeting you and sending negativity or evil your way then this spell will stop them in their tracks and return their energy back to them. It does not matter if you know who is doing this. This spell does not curse anyone. It simply let's your enemy have the energy back that they created. There is no karmic repercussion for you.

General Protection Enchantment - This spell will protect you from the harm and dangers that can affect us from day to day living. It is designed to help protect you both physically and spiritually from seen and unseen threats. 

General Health Enchantment - The value of a healthy body cannot be overstated and this spell will help you to stay at your best. If by chance you do catch a cold or something then you should get over it much more quickly than normal. It will keep you going and help you be able to stay active.

Happiness Enchantment - This spell is designed for those who have a problem with depression and anxiety. Maybe you just cannot shake the dark cloud hanging over you and it has been almost impossible to see the joys of life. It is meant to cleanse negative energy, breaking up the darkness and gloom around you and bringing positive energy into your life. It also relieves depression and brings calm and relaxation to help prevent anxiety...Once the positive energy starts flowing again you will again be able to feel pleasure and enthusiasm for life. Joy, happiness, peace and tranquility can return and you will be able to start life again…In addition, if anyone has been sending negativity toward you it will deflect from you and go back to them. 

Mastering Zen Enchantment - Zen is actually more a state of being. It is a state that anyone can achieve through meditation, prayer, or other means. When in a zen state your mind leaves this world behind you and you are completely relaxed. Your focus is not on your day to day activities and you are simply ARE. In this state nothing and everything exists. Your world can be shaped and molded by you through your thoughts and intentions. Achieving a zen state can not only change your life spiritually and physically but can change the entire world, a little at a time…This spell can help to settle your mind and body. It will also help you to face whatever you are running from to allow yourself to be at peace. I still recommend daily meditation but for those who have not been able to meditate, this spell makes it easier to relax day by day.

Negativity Clearing Enchantment – This is exactly what it sounds like, a spell to cleanse negative energy from around you an within your aura.

Pet Protection Enchantment – This spell helps to protect your furry or not so furry beloved pets.

Séance Enchantment - The spell on this vessel acts as a gateway to the spirit realm. It connects specifically with the human dead. While using this vessel, you can choose specifically who you want to communicate with. Then you can use divination such as a pendulum or telepathy to talk with them and get answers from them. This means you can talk with virtually anyone who has passed over (as long as they are not incarnated at the moment). If you cannot currently hear spirits then you would have to use a pendulum or other divination tool to accurately communicate with them.

Spirit Communication Enchantment - This spell breaks down barriers and obstacles, allowing you to be more open and receptive to your spirit(s). The communication will be much more apparent and clear than before and messages you receive will be more accurate. You may receive more dream visitations, your divination will be more effective, and telepathic communications will be easier.

Super Luck and Money Enchantment - This spell can improve your general luck and you will often be in the right place at the right time for good things to come your way. Money will begin to flow freely to you in many varied ways. One of my customers has described it as "it feels like people want to give me money". This spell helps you to have the money you need when you need it.

Wishing Enchantment - This spell turns a vessel into a powerful wishing device. Simply hold the vessel in your hands and make your focused wish. Then believe and see what great things can happen. It works just like a Genie but you don't have to bond with any spirits. This spell is awesome because you can wish for anything. The same rules still apply as with a Genie so please read the wishing manifestations section on the DJIN INFO page in my store for further instructions. ..It varies as to how long it takes for them to come true. Sometimes they happen almost immediately sometimes they take a few weeks or months to come true…You can wish for multiple wishes at once. 

Witch’s Moon Enchantment - This is a unique spell it gives you access to all the power and energy that I generate in my own castings. You can use this power to cast your own spells, wish, manifest, heal, or whatever else you want…When you have this enchantment you can add this power to any spell, wish, or prayer to increase the effectiveness or you can use it all on its own. Essentially it is like having me there with you casting spells for you and harnessing the power of the moon. 

Customized Spells – This is a spell that you request for anything such as weight loss, career success, true love, etc. There are a few spells that I don’t do but feel free to ask me if you have something in mind.

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