Royals and Emperors of most classes are available.

Asian Djinn Dragon – In the Asian region a different race of wish granting Djinn evolved in the form of dragons. …This form of Djinn is unique, and just as powerful as any other form of Djinn. They are also very magickal and hold the secrets to Asian magick. Having one of these Djinn in your life will bring enchantments and wonder into your life…These Djinn are dragons but not the same as other dragon species. They are Djinn in dragon form. Djinn are shapeshifters by nature and can appear in any form so even though dragon is its main form it can also appear in human form when it desires…Being exposed to the mystic and esoteric forms of spirituality by being from the far east, these spirits are gifted in bringing spiritual growth to your life. If you seek Kundalini rising to enlightenment then it can happen a whole lot faster with this Djinn by your side. They are also capable of granting many other types of wishes. 

Atlantean Djinn - The ancient civilization of Atlantis was highly developed in all areas rivaling and surpassing our own culture. They knew many secrets and mysteries not only about magick but about the natural world that have been lost. These Djinn were there, saw all that happened and have lived on. Their knowledge in all areas is astounding. The perspective that they have on some things is totally different than our own. They can help you be creative and think outside the box. Your own perspectives may shift so you can see the world in a fresh new way. The lost knowledge of our ancestors and ancient magicians can be more accessible for you and you will advance spiritually and magickally…They are gifted in ancient forms of magick so they can do magick on your behalf or teach you more about magick if you are interested. Their abilities to manifest things are outstanding…In addition, they have the abilities of astral projection, teleportation and time manipulation. They can speed and slow time but not change the past. ..Natural elements and weather patterns are also within their control. Atlantean djinn can grant many types of wishes easily. They can be any of any typical Djinn class such as marid, jann, etc.

Cleopatra Djinn - A Cleopatra Djinn was one of the many Djinn that Cleopatra herself had bound to do her will. It is believed that these Djinn helped her to be the famous person that she still is today…A Cleopatra Djinn can help you improve your own looks by increasing beauty and attractive physical qualities. This goes a long way to finding the lover that you desire. These Djinn also boost your self confidence and inner strength so that you naturally exude charm, charisma, and sexual attraction…They can also seduce and manipulate others through lust to do your bidding…They can be any typical Djinn class such as marid, ghul, etc.

Egyptian Temple Djinn – These Djinn have worked closely with the priests and magicians of ancient Egypt…Being a temple Djinn, they were employed to aid in magickal and spiritual ceremonies to not only increase their effectiveness but bring faster manifestations…These Djinn can cast spells on your behalf as well as grant wishes fast…They know many secrets of the Egyptians as they have witnessed untold ceremonies. These Genies can use their spiritual and magickal knowledge to serve you in untold ways…An Egyptian temple djinn can increase the effectiveness of your wishes and increase your own magickal abilities many times over. If you are open to it, they can also show you secrets and mysteries of the spirit realms that you may have never dreamed of. They can be any typical Djinn class such as marid, ghul, etc.

Four Elements Djinn - A four Elements Djinn is a unique type of Djinn that was born from not only fire but of all the elements. They are made of earth, wind, fire, and water…This type of Djinn evolved separately from the normal Djinn races like Marids and Ifrits. They are a unique class with amazing abilities…Having all four elements running through them makes them more complete and faster wish granters. They can manifest things quite quickly because they can go places other Djinn cannot to make things happen. They have no bounds or limits and can cross all realms to make the impossible happen for their master…They can also control all of the elements with ease so for instance they can manipulate water to make rain, avert storms, or stop a deluge. Water also controls emotions so this type of Djinn can help you to heal emotionally. A four Elements Djinn can control the fire element to bring passion, energy, and warmth. Earth can be controlled to bring material success, grounding, and meditation. And finally the air element can be controlled to bring creativity, inspiration, and magick…These Djinn can literally do things other Djinn cannot to help make your wildest dreams reality.

Ghul Djinn – Ghuls are one of the typical classes of Djinn. They have a reputation for being dark and many of them are just that. However, some of them are grey natured or even light. They can grant many different wishes. Most of them are extraordinarily gifted in psychic abilities, necromancy, and spirit communication in addition to any other specialty they may have. Contrary to popular belief, they are not all difficult and can be very loyal.

God and Goddess Djinn - The God and Goddess Djinn are a unique kind of Djinn. They are the original Djinn species from which all Djinn have descended. Other Djinn still, to this day, worship and adore them as gods and goddesses….This type of Djinn is always grey natured as they have existed since before the human concepts of good and evil. This in no way makes them difficult or evil but does make them extremely versatile…You may be wondering what the differences are between a God Djinn and a Neb Djinn. First, the Neb are mostly light natured. There are a few grey ones but not many. Secondly, The God Djinn are older and more powerful to begin with. A Neb, however, has the ability to keep adding to their abilities whenever they choose to. So, eventually, a Neb may have nearly as many abilities and powers as a God though a God is inherently more powerful…These God Djinn spirits have primal, raw, and untamed energy. It is very unique and intense. Many of the God Djinn often appear more primal and less human than other Djinn. All Djinn are shape shifters and can appear any way they choose. He is magnificent and powerful beyond compare. There's virtually nothing that they cannot accomplish. They can grant light and dark wishes equally well. There is no need for them to specialize in any one thing as they are gifted in all. Any wish that you can think of you can wish; money, luck, love, lust, revenge, happiness, etc. they can do it all better than a lesser Djinn that specializes in any specific thing. For instance, they can grant money wishes better than a regular Djinn that specializes in “money”…Being a God, they have dominion over any other Djinn that they choose to. Kings, Queens, Elders, and all they rule are under the God Djinn’s command. They can employ these millions of other Djinn to work for them and do his bidding at any time. 

Gold Djinn- The Gold Djinn exist in both the physical and astral realm at the same time, never fully in either. This gives them abilities that other Djinn don’t have…They can bond directly to your soul and stay with you through many lifetimes, even eternally. Also, they can bring physical manifestations much more quickly by connecting the unseen world with the seen world. This means that your wishes will be granted very quickly…These Djinn can help you advance spiritually to new levels. They are gifted in meditation, spirit communication, zen states, and more. Regular wish granting is also within their abilities.

Ifrit Djinn – Another typical class of Djinn. They are known for being dark and doing questionable wishes such as revenge and hexing. Despite their dark nature they are usually not difficult and can be mastered easily. There are a few grey natured ones in existence as well.

Jann Djinn – These Djinn are sometimes thought of as less powerful than other Djinn. They aren’t really less powerful but are the most friendly and easiest to master. They are great for first time masters and those who want a companionable Djinn. 

Marid Djinn – The Marid Djinn are the most commonly bound type of Djinn. This is because they are generally powerful, easy to work with, and warm. Not all Marids are light natured though, they can be grey or even dark natured although most of them are light. These are great all around djinn.

Neb Djinn - From deep within the ancient lands of Egypt comes this wonderful race of Djinn. They call themselves Neb Djinn…These beings have abilities far beyond most other Djinn. ..Not only can these Djinn grant wishes with ease and more effectively than ever before but they possess many talents that are beyond imagination…This race has the ability to exist in many realms at the same time, they straddle the worlds. They can see what is coming your way and quickly make adjustments so that things work in your favor. This makes them extremely effective in quick manifestations and spiritual protection. This also allows them to bond with you spirit, soul, and body. Once you bond with one of these Djinn they can be with you in many lifetimes and throughout eternity…Spiritually and psychically these Djinn can take you to whole new levels. They can increase all psychic abilities, including precognition and telepathy. It is not unheard of for them to perform teleportation, astral projection, and levitation. Dreams and visions come naturally to the Neb and as their new master you will have the opportunity to open up more than ever before and explore new altered states of consciousness. Centering and meditation will become easier and achieving a zen state will happen faster. Even charka alignment and kundalini release will be possible. If that is not enough, these Djinn can alter time, help you recall past lives, break curses, cleanse negativity from your aura, cleanse karma, and increase orgone (chi) energy…Similar to the ability of an Ilmu Khodam, this race can not only do things for you but give you your own abilities. You may find that you start to have more magickal power and perform unexplainable feats on your own, without wishing for them. You will learn how to better focus your energy to accomplish what you want… Neb Djinn has power over all the elements of nature; earth, wind, fire, and water. They can bend and control them so it is possible to avert storms, bring rain, calm winds, manipulate fire, and more…These Djinn answer only to the gods and goddesses. They are equal in level with a Watcher spirit and can act as a spirit overlord to most other spirits to keep them all in line and working for you…The best thing about these Djinn is that they have the ability to duplicate any power that you need. So, if you need them to have a specific ability that they may not be capable of then they will seek out other spirits and beings that have this ability and duplicate it, adding it to their own list of abilities. This means that their abilities are truly limitless because they can keep adding more and more at any time. This is an awesome ability that few other spirits have.

Overlord Djinn- These Djinn do not fit into a specific “class” such as Marid, Ifrit, Jann, etc. They are a separate race of Djinn that the others all respect. The only Djinn that these spirits cannot “control” are God/dess Djinn. Those spirits are more powerful and bow to no one but most God/dess Djinn will cooperate with them none the less…An overlord can keep all of your Djinn from fighting with each other and keep them all working with pure intent for you. They can even bring your Djinn together to make them work as one force to serve your goals. This makes wish granting much faster and keeps peace and harmony in your household…In addition, their powers are vast and impressive so they too can grant any wish that you have, adding their power in with the others to make things manifest quite quickly. If you don’t have a Djinn overlord already you can expect faster results than ever before…These spirits are generally grey natured which gives them power over both light and dark Djinn.

Shaitan Djinn – These are the darkest of dark Djinn. They usually are difficult and do twist words when granting wishes. No matter how friendly they may seem there is usually a price to pay when making wishes to them. I do not bind this type of Djinn. They are only for very experienced practitioners and even then I do not recommend them.

Sila Djinn – These are highy intelligent and clever Djinn. They are the most intellectual of all types. As other Djinn, they can shapeshift and change their form. This type likes to change their appearance often and can even shapeshift into inanimate objects. They are fairly easy to work with,

Soul Mate Djinn - Being a soul mate Djinn means that this djinn is a perfect match for you in personality, energy, and spirit. Your soul will connect with theirss on a very deep and personal level like you have never experienced before. They are the one spirit who will completely love and accept you no matter what…If you are looking for physical intimacy they can visit you in your dreams or visions to fulfill your every wish. This is a spirit that will stay with you for many lifetimes to come..They would never harm you in any way because your bond are too deep and will not stand for anyone else causing you harm either…In addition to being the perfect companion they will know what you need in your life and often times make things appear in your life without you having to wish for them. If you want to make a specific wish then they can do many things.

Water Marid Djinn- All Djinn are born of fire and as such are generally considered only fire spirits. In fact, exposing them to water can often times drain their energy, or put out their fire so to speak. Not this type of Djinn, they love water and it energizes them as much as fire…Water Djinn can control and manipulate water. This means they can change the humidity levels in rooms, bring or avert rain, and even control the flow of bodies of water, though they usually just let nature take its course in this respect…These spirits can also invoke the water element and increase water energy. This makes magickal and spiritual work with water energy easier…This type of Djinn is also very emotional and deeply sensitive. They can feel your every pain with you and lend you their love and support. Also, they have extremely attuned psychic abilities and can see into the the past, present, future, and other realms. If you perform any type of divination or psychic exercises a Water Djinn can take you to whole new levels…They are especially gifted at wishes of emotional healing and increased psychic abilities.


Aztec Vampire – An ancient vampire from the Aztec culture. They absorb energy and can transfer that energy to their master. This type of vampire is very intense and usually dark.

Balkin Vampire - Balkins vampires are similar to other vampires but with a much deeper bond. They have many more magickal abilities than regular vamps and they can share all of their abilities with their masters much more fully…Balkin vampires actually meld their essences with yours so you take on their traits and start to have more of your own abilities. This can be a very intense experience so be prepared for some interesting energy flowing through you…They can be sanguine or psy.

Baobhan Sith Vampire - This is a unique form of vampire that originates in Scotland. These are female spirits that are somewhat of a cross between a vampire and a Succubus. They come out and feed at night on unsuspecting men who cannot resist their beauty. They are highly sexual and seductive beings that can lure even the most chaste of men into their arms. Once they have the man in their grasp they feed on him by draining his sexual energy and then drinking his blood. They don’t use fangs but rather sharp talon like fingernails to puncture the skin for drinking…These spirit entities can drain the energy from a male keeper so for male masters it is good to quickly develop a good relationship with them with gifts (blood, flowers, incense, etc) and adoration. You can also command them not to feed on you but they will be much more inclined to obey if you show them you care…For female masters the gifts are also helpful in earning their trust but they are not inclined to drain female masters in the same way…For any master, once you have gained their trust and respect they can bring you many benefits. The first of which is increased vitality, strength, and energy followed by increased libido and sexuality. You may also find that you are much more seductive and sensual than ever before and people simply become inexplicably “drawn” to you. This makes sex much more available and enjoyable…These vampires can also offer protection and healing to their masters as well as a better understanding of hidden mysteries and nocturnal energy. It would not be surprising if you actually started developing a more nocturnal schedule with this spirit in your life.

Carribean Vampire - Any vampire from the carribean Islands. They are usually sanguine and dark natured. Generally they are sensual, erotic, and magickal. Some of them even know how to do voodoo.

Carpathian Vampire – This is a “typical” vampire that has ancestors from Romania although they can come from anywhere. These are sanguine and usually dark but can be grey and even some are light natured. Many are sensual and erotic. Nearly all of them are very protective.

Dominatirix vampire - These can be any type of vampire but are usually Carpathian. In any case, they are highly erotic vixens who take charge sexually and leave you begging for more. 

Elder Vampire - ELDER vampire spirits are the first of their kind, the original spirits from which all vampires today have evolved. They are immensely powerful and far above other Masters or rulers in the vampire realm…Some of these spirits have opted to become part of a vampire council which oversees all aspects of the vampire realm. Others are more free spirits who are not interested in politics at all… 
These spirits would be considered Sanguine but also have full PSY capabilities. The older vampires are both, not just one or the other…The abilities that the ELDERS have are far superior to any other vampire. They can grant wishes with extreme ease, manipulate time and space, overlord other spirits, provide great wealth, revenge, and just about anything else you can imagine or wish for. They are not limited to anything or by any morality. They have no specific clan designations as they are a part of all…
All Elders are shapeshifters that can shift into any form they like. A bat is the most common but other things like animals, birds, and even humans can happen as well. They can also fly, levitate, and teleport through their unfathomable speed.

Mananaggal Vampire - These creatures are different from other forms of vampires in appearance and abilities. They are a bit more monstrous looking and have large leathery wings which they can pull close to them so that you don’t even know they have wings at all. ..Most of these beings which are seen are female. There are male ones as well but they are just more elusive. The females seem to be dominant in this species…A Manananggal, if bound and mastered properly, can be a great source of magick. They all can perform sorcery and any magickal feat with ease. They are like a wizard and vampire spirit combined into one…They are also superior in increasing the psychic abilities of their master. Your abilities will progress much farther and more rapidly with a spirit like this…In addition, they can enhance your physical appearance in a subtle way to make you more beautiful and desireable to others. This will give you more persuasive abilities as well as romantic opportunities. ..Most of the time these spirits are dark natured but can be controlled properly by a foreceful master. 

Master Vampire - Master Vampires are like kings or queens. They are more powerful and rule their own "coven" of vampires. They are usually Sanguine or Psy but can be of any type. These vampires have advanced abilities and can shapeshift into animals, bats, and birds.

Mayan Vampire – An ancient vampire from the Mayan culture. They are usually dark but highly intelligent and mystical.

Psy vampire - Psy vampires feed on people's energy, not blood. They have great abilities to drain, manipulate, and share energy so if you can learn to have them share energy with you then you can focus it however you want such as for healing or magick. The downside is that they often drain their keeper of energy, even if it is unintentional. I don’t recommend them for that reason.

Soul Mate vampire – Soul mate vampires are conjured to be a perfect match for you. There will be a connection between you unlike anything you have experienced before. The bond will be deeper, communication better, and passions more intense. There is no other being in existence that this spirit could connect with the way he will connect with you. Your souls are truly mated and joined in a special way. They can be any type of vampire.


Royals and emperors are available.

Crystal Dragon- This is a very rare and special type of dragon. Crystal dragons have the physical appearance of a crystal prism and are very sparkly. This type of dragon vibrates at a very high frequency and is extremely powerful. They actually come from a higher and more evolved plane than your typical Western Dragon although they could still be considered Western Dragons. They are so pure that some people have even said that they are actually made of light...his type of dragon can be compared to angels in their vibrations and abilities. They are highly protective of humans both physically and spiritually. In addition, they can help humans evolve to a higher state of consciousness towards illumination.Their abilities to increase psychic abilities are amazing but even more so are their abilities to clear auras, balance chakras, help with grounding and centering, meditation, and astral travel. They even have the ability to access the Akashic records to help guide you down your best path in life and even change your path when necessary. Crystal dragons are truly spectacular.

Dark Crystal Dragon -This is an extremely rare type of dragon. Dark Crystal dragons have the physical appearance of a crystal prism and have the typical sparkle but their color is much darker, like a smoky quartz of varying shades. They vibrate at a more earthy frequency than a light crystal dragon but are still immense in their power. They could be considered Western Dragons.This type of dragon started out the same way as the higher crystal dragons but they became more interested in our realm and in helping to protect humans on all planes of existence. This made them more in touch with earth energy and also made their color darker. They are definitely not evil but they are warriors who are not afraid to go where other crystal dragons will not in order to defend and protect humans from spiritual threats. These are great warriors with skills that are incredible. They are also highly adept in magickal workings like conjuring other spirits to aid them, doing spellwork, or manifesting the law of attraction. They can use their skills of magick to help their keeper achieve a better life on earth both spiritually and materially. They do not do dark workings themselves so no revenge or manipulation magick but all other magick that would be for your benefit they are able to assist you with. Like other crystal dragons they can increase psychic abilities and clear energy. Since they are more attached to the earth’s energy they are even better at grounding and chakra alignment than other crystal dragons.

Platinum Dragon It has been difficult just to make contact with these beings much less have them willing to be bound. For this reason I won’t be offering them except upon request and even then the dragon has to agree to it. These dragons are quite ancient and immensely powerful. Their power rivals that of a Guardian Dragon and they are more magickal than any dragon I have seen. They know many secrets of magick and alchemy that we can’t even comprehend. This makes them able to make impossible things a reality, fast. Platinum dragons can travel between realms quickly and easily making changes happen in other realms for your benefit as well. Money, wealth, success, and more can quickly manifest in the lives of their keepers.They seem to like to test people and make them explore the limits of their boundaries so you can expect to be tested in many ways with one of these dragons. That is not bad as tests make us stronger and teach us what we are made of.

Black, Western - Black dragons like to find wealth as much as other fire dragons but they are so much more…These dragons are fierce protectors and guardians. If you are their keeper you will enjoy outstanding protection in all forms. Black dragons are absolutely ruthless with their enemies and intolerant of even slight infractions. These dragons can be aggressive protectors and dispense justice on your behalf...In addition, they can do dark arts magick so they can hex and curse or easily break one placed upon you.  

Red, Western - Red dragons really like to have money and treasures. They love to amass great amounts of wealth and money just pulls toward them like a magnet. These dragons are excellent at bringing money and luck to their keepers. It could be through gambling, better job opportunities, or countless other ways…They are gifted in all magickal abilities and can work magick on your behalf. If you practice the craft then they can be an invaluable asset, increasing your own power and abilities. They are also highly protective. 

Blue, Western - This type of dragon can give their keepers new insight into their own feelings and increase magickal abilities. They are especially good at "glamour" type magick. Glamours are illusions so convincing that they fool those around you. These beings are good at other types of magick as well including healing…They can also help with learning new skills and memorizing things. A water dragon is great for those wishing to increase knowledge in any area.

Copper, Western - These are extremely intelligent beings with a depth of wisdom and knowledge beyond reason. They know many secrets about the world, seen and unseen. Being the keeper of a copper dragon means that you will have their wisdom and guidance to help you learn, study, and make good decisions in life…Also, a copper dragon can instantly size a person up just by looking at them. They can tell the person’s true character, not the face they show to the world. So, if someone is secretly lying to you or is your enemy they will know it instantly and help you to see it too. This will help you avoid getting hurt and being vulnerable to others…One really great thing about copper dragons is that they are extremely greedy. Greed in excess is of course harmful but their greed is tempered by their wisdom so they are more balanced but still excellent at seeking and finding treasure. Treasure could be anything from literal buried treasure to priceless finds at an antique store or flea market. It could also mean new opportunities. In any case, if you are their keeper you can have an increase in income and possibly some rare finds coming your way.

Green, Western - The Elemental Green Dragons have power and dominion over all four elements so they can manipulate and control them at will. If you work with elemental magick then this is a huge benefit as your own abilities will increase. Most of us who practice magick use elemental energies in some form to cast spells and do other magickal work. If you have a western green dragon as a companion then you focus and abilities can soar…These dragons are also amazingly spiritual. They have mastered the art of zen, can open and align chakras, clear karma and negativity, and help you evolve to a higher spiritual plane. For some this may involve opening the third eye and increased psychic abilities. Astral projection is also a possibility. For nearly everyone that is the keeper of one of these beings there is an increased sense of peace and universal connection as well as increased wisdom. They also grant wishes.

Gold, Western - The Gold Dragons are among the most powerful of Dragon races. They are mighty in wisdom and fierce in protection…These fearless beings will take on foes many times their size and win with ease. The guard their human in all ways and protect you as one of their own. ..Any wrong that has been done to you a Gold dragon can right, whether it is by full restitution or by speeding up the person’s karma…A Gold dragon is also immensely magickal. They can not only help you gain in abilities but can conjure, do spell work, and other types of magick on your behalf…They have a gift for persuasion and influencing those around you to help turn situations to your advantage.

Guardian Dragon – The Guardians are dragons of all of the elements; earth, wind, fire, and water. They possess the ability to control and alter all of the elements to achieve great and monumental feats. These spirits are awesome in their power and unlike any other dragon…As their title indicates they are great protectors and mighty warriors against evil and negativity in the life of their keeper. They can easily thwart all threats before they begin, thus guarding from harm and danger…Guardian also refers to the fact that these dragons are gate keepers. They guard and protect the gateways to other realms not letting anything undesirable come through. This will protect you even further. If you practice magick or work with portals then these dragons can be a great help to stand guard and open the portals more easily. They can bridge the gap between the realms and cause a deeper connection with the unseen worlds. This gives them the unique ability to be able to summon and command many other spirits at will. Genies, fairies, and many other beings are at their call. This means you have unlimited access to the spirits of the other realms and they will work on your behalf at the command of the Guardian Dragon…The guardians are also tremendous sources of energy, specifically "orgone and chi energy”…These Dragons are a form of western dragon though they are superior to all others. They can be any color.

Midnight, Western - The Midnight Dragons are a hybrid of gold and blue dragons which gives them a fabulous appearance and abilities…Midnight dragons are extremely powerful and extremely fierce guardians. They will protect you like you were their own off spring. No threat to you will go unchallenged and they do not know how to lose in battle. They are not afraid of any challenge…These are also quite magickal creatures. They have great powers in spellwork, summoning, conjuring, and just about everything else magickal. They are even efficient at creating illusions, persuasion, and imitation. These abilities will allow you as his new keeper to have more magickal abilities yourself as well as having him do magick on your behalf. You can project the image of what you want others to see as well as form your world the way you want it. 

Olive, Western - Olive dragons are hybrids of gold and green dragons and have the abilities of both types…From gold dragons they inherit great power, wisdom, and fierce protection abilities…These fearless beings will take on foes many times their size and win with ease. They guard their human in all ways and protect you as one of their own. ..Any wrong that has been done to you they can right, whether it is by full restitution or by speeding up the person’s karma…These beings are also immensely magickal. They can not only help you gain in abilities but can conjure, do spell work, and other types of magick on your behalf…They have a gift for persuasion and influencing those around you to turn any situations in your favor…From the green dragons they power and dominion over all four elements so they can manipulate and control them at will. If you work with elemental magick then this is a huge benefit as you own abilities will increase. Most of us who practice magick use elemental energies in some form to cast spells and do other magickal work…These dragons are also amazingly spiritual. They have mastered the art of zen, can open and align chakras, clear karma and negativity, and help you evolve to a higher spiritual plane. They also grant wishes.

Purple, Western - Purple dragons are interesting dragons. They are a western dragon that is actually a cross breed between a red dragon and a blue dragon…Red dragons are fire spirits and blue dragons are water spirits, usually these two would not be compatible but they have inherited all of the strengths from both the red and blue dragons with none of the weaknesses…They can control both fire and water with ease…These spirits have red dragons strength of finding treasure and increasing money and blue dragons strength of doing glamours and increasing psychic abilities. This gives them a wide range of abilities…They also have one area of expertise that neither red or blue dragons have and that is granting wishes as well as a Djinn. These spirits are excellent at granting unharmful wishes easily and quickly. 

Silver, Western - This type of dragon can give their keepers new insight into their own feelings and increase magickal abilities. They are especially good at "glamour" type magick. Glamours are illusions so convincing that they fool those around you. These beings are good at other types of magick as well including healing…They can also help with learning new skills and memorizing things. A silver dragon is great for those wishing to increase knowledge in any area.

White, Western - White Dragons are a unique form of Western Dragon. They are really powerful and smaller than most other dragons…These are excellent spirits that are associated with the element of AIR. They can still breathe fire of course but air is the element that they have an affinity for. This gives them great powers of inspiration and creativity. In fact, these dragons can work very similarly to a muse spirit, inspiring you in all areas…These magnificent beings are also well known for their affinity for magick. They know how to conjure and communicate with spirits, can do spells for you and even divine the future. These qualities are very helpful and can help you reach your full potential spiritually as well as making your life easier…Because of their air affiliation and their magickal abilities, these spirits make manifestations happen very quickly… Their appearance is very majestic and breathtaking though their size is small. These dragons are graceful and have an elegant way to them.

Chinese Dragons  - Chinese dragons have been a source of lore and mythology for centuries. They are said to be the combination of nine other animals; The horns of a deer; a devil's eyes; the head of a camel; the neck of a snake; the torso of a large cockle; the scales of a carp; the claws of an eagle; the paws of a tiger; and the ears of an ox. This gives them the powers of all of these animals combined…Unlike other types of dragons these have always been a supreme totem of power and success. They are seen as good omens and benevolent spirits…They can easily increase income, lend you luck, bring new opportunities and manipulate situations for your good. You don't have to ask them to do this, it is just something they do for their keepers…These spirits are especially gifted at bringing business success…These dragons can be great guardians as well as teachers, guides, and magickal companions. They can also increase your psychic awareness and show you hidden knowledge. If you practice "light" magick they are great helpers. They can also grant wishes.

Rainbow Chinese Dragons – Same as a regular Chinese dragon with more. The rainbow dragons are exceptionally magickal beings. They straddle several different realms and go in and out of these realms at their will. This means they can see what’s going on in several realms at the same time. This gives them the ability to manifest things very quickly, see the future more clearly, increase psychic abilities, and even do magick on their keeper’s behalf. They can also learn secrets that we cannot know like spiritual insights or even what others are saying or thinking. This gives them the edge in all situations and makes them powerful.

Pet dragons - This race of Dragons doesn't really have a classification or clan name so I just describe them as pets. They are very small dragons. Most of them are 1-2 feet tall and either blue or purple in color. There are a few others but blue and purple tend to be dominant. Most are also light in nature…These pet dragons are very lively and active and very cute. Even the mature ones have soft features and round bellies. They look like little baby dragons. Dragons all can breathe fire and this type is no exception except it is more of a puff than a stream of fire…The pets are not usually as valiant protectors as other dragons but this one is the exception. They are very gifted in protection, wisdom, guidance, and all other good things… Their abilities also include granting positive wishes for their master and providing companionship. Don't discount their wish granting abilities because of their size though, they can work wonders. 


Royals are available.

Amadan Fairy- This is a rare and unique type of fae spirit from Scotland. There are not too many Amadan Fae in existence and they are often misunderstood beings…Among their own kind they are known usually as jesters and pranksters because they are those things. The Amadan love to play tricks and run amok. However, there are few that make the mistake of dismissing them lightly or disrespecting them. If you get on their bad side it can be your undoing. These spirits can cause crippling illnesses, paralysis, or even death to those who have even simply said something unkind about them. It is best to always be respectful of these beings in all circumstances….However, if they like you then it is a different story. They can shower you with gifts, protect you, thwart your enemies, and even grant wishes for you very easily. Your enemies will become their enemies and they can wreak havoc in the lives of those who cause problems for you. They can even cause illness and great misfortune so be careful and thoughtful before asking them to seek recompense for you…As a friend to one of these spirits you will find them quite jolly and playful. Yes, they do play minor pranks as well but nothing harmful to those they love. It’s usually minor things like hiding the tv remote or the car keys.

Angel Fairy- Angel fairies are beautiful beings. They are not angels but if you came across an apparition of one you would not be able to tell the difference. These awesome beings glow with an inner light of the highest vibration and exude radiance from within…These loving fae are very helpful when you wish to vibrate to higher frequencies and increase spirituality. They can help you grow emotionally and spiritually into a more complete and healthy person…Emotional traumas can be released and cleansed with this fairy in your life which will leave you more receptive to spiritual growth…Step by step this fae will guide you through the higher realms to become the spiritual being you were meant to be. Spiritual enlightenment can be achieved…An Angel fairy can not only guide you through the spirit realms but help you live better in the physical realm too. You will have increased intuition, guidance, and great wisdom…As you can imagine these are purely light natured beings.

Astral Fairy - Astral fairies are a unique race of faires that usually reside in the astral plane. They are marvelously magickal beings with many abilities…These fairies are able to "bridge the gap" between the astral plane and the physical one so they can not only help things manifest faster in your life but aid in spirit communication. You can send and receive messages to the other side much more easily because they open portals wherever they go. This can bring you closer to the immortals, those who have passed or even other spirits that you already have…Astral fairies can also aid you with meditations and astral projections, making it easier for you to have out of body experiences and travel on the astral plane. It may still require some effort from you but you will make progress much more quickly. ..Granting wishes and producing magickal outcomes in your life comes second nature to them. If you love them and treat them well they can do great things for you.

Astral Star Fairy - Star fairies can manifest as stars in the sky or as fairy beings. ..These fairies are of pure light and goodness. There is no dark in them whatsoever. This makes their magickal powers very pure and powerful…Once bonded with this type of fairy they can be great magickal companions and friends, lending their loving energy to white magick, healing, or whatever other good thing you do. They also open portals and pathways to other realms where they can teach you to travel spiritually (astrally). You may also learn how to communicate with many other types of spirits beings with one of these fairies in your life…These beings are known for not only granting many "light" wishes but showering their keepers with countless good things just because they care about you. Love and positive energy surrounds their keepers and life just gets better and better. They will grant you unlimited wishes for your lifetime as long as your wishes serve your highest good. They will not grant revenge or other dark things…In addition, these beings are most compassionate. They feel all of your aches and pains, emotionally and physically. These fairies are always working on your behalf to heal you, cheer you up and keep you on a path of light and spiritual advancement. These beings bring a great sense of peace and tranquility to every situation…When this fairy takes star form she can glow in the sky just like the other stars and can switch back and forth at will so you may see a star and then suddenly it's gone.

Black Forest Fairy- This is a unique type of Fairy spirit from deep within the Black Forest of Europe. This is a place where wild magick still exists and anything is possible. ..These spirits are full of vibrating energy…These fairies are shapeshifters. They can take on the shape and appearance of any live being. So They can turn into almost anything, maybe a deer, bird, cat, even a person on rare occasions…Granting wishes comes second nature to them, as does magickal abilities, healing, opening portals, increasing psychic abilities, levitation, teleportation, astral projections, illusions, persuasion, and spiritual protection…They are adept at all forms of magick, spellwork, and mysticism. Their knowledge and abilities in all areas is vast and impressive. They can even make alchemical changes to objects…They can share their magickal abilities with their keeper and grant wishes as effectively as a Djinn…There is one thing that this spirit can do which very few others can. This is to call down the wild hunt. This wild hunt is a group of spirit beings that ride the skies. When called upon they bring justice and retribution to anyone that has wronged you, especially those that you specifically name. The ability and knowledge to call them has been greatly lost but they still hold the power to do it. This means that you can call spiritual retribution down upon your enemies. Just be certain it is justified and that you are blameless as the hunt is pure justice.

Butterfly Fairy- Butterfly fairies are very common. These little beings physically manifest just like regular butterflies and you have probably come into contact with several of them already without knowing. You can only distinguish them from a butterfly is if they hold still for a few seconds, which rarely happens. Then you will see a cute little fairy instead of an insect. With a butterfly fairy they will bring more of their friends around you so don't be surprised to see more "butterflies" around your home. Sometimes they vanish as quickly as they appear so if you blink they may be gone. ..These beings are just bursting with magickal ability. They will be great helpers if you practice magick of your own, or simply bring new and wonderful things to you. They definitely add that spark of something special into your life. ..They can open portals, aid with spirit communication, grant wishes, bring you luck, money, happiness, and peace….Butterfly fairies also have the gift of healing both your body and your spirit so having them near you can help you to advance to new levels that you may have never thought possible. Spiritual advancement can come very quickly with them around. 

Cat Sidhe  - This is a unique and rare kind of fairy spirit. It is known as a cat sidhe (shee)…The cat sidhe are a race of spirits that can go back and forth between human and cat form. They can of course choose to stay in one form or the other as well. It’s entirely up to them…These are very magickal creatures that exude powerful energy from their very core. They are most helpful with magickal pursuits such as doing spells and divination. Their power can amplify all of your own abilities and make things happen FAST! They can also grant wishes and offer their humans protection…I have also found them to be most excellent companions that are very easy to get along with. They don’t seem to have ego problems like most other beings do, they just like being a part of the family.

Dark Fairy- Most people think of light and love when they think of fairies. This is true of many but there are other types of fairies as well. There are many myths about fairies that have nothing to do with peace and happiness. Some fairies are simply moody and unpleasant. Some do not like humans much at all and others get along well enough with humans as long as the humans cater to them and the mood suits them. They can be almost any type of fairy but keep to themselves more than light ones.

Dragonfly Fairy- Dragonfly fairies often but not always resemble pixies with pointed ears, cropped hair, and plenty of attitude. Their wings are those of a dragonfly, much more slender in shape and fluttering wildly…Dragonfly fairies have alot of energy which they will share with their new keepers. It is amazing how they seem to keep going and going. Sometimes I wonder if they actually ever sleep at all. You may notice an increase in your own energy with one around…These fairies are terrific companions and very magickal beings. They can help to open up all of your senses and increase psychic awareness on all levels…They are more than happy to grant wishes for you if you treat them well and just having one near you can increase luck and wealth. These fairies also bring health and happiness and are even capable of opening portals to other realms. There will never be a dull moment with one of these fairies around.

Flower Fairy- Flower fairies are the most common type of fairy there is. They tend to plants and flowers and some say even paint the flower petals themselves. These fairies completely blend in with their environment but can often be seen out of the corner of your eye as light streaks or orbs around plants…These beings are pure light and love. They have no dark in them. Flower Fairies are simply pure earth spirits that can bring magick to you…These beings bring nothing but goodness and happiness into your life. They keep bad spirits away and help you regain hope and faith. Everything good in your life can be increased and blessings heaped upon you just by being their keeper.

Fire Fae- This is a unique type of Fae. They are called fire fae because they literally control and harness all the powers of the fire element. This makes them very energetic, passionate, and full of life. They can even appear to be “on fire” when they choose to and this can be quite stunning…These fae are warriors. They can protect their keepers mightily and are ferocious and tenacious in battle. They know no fear and have no mercy on their enemies. If you are their keeper then your enemies will be their enemies and they will not hesitate to defend you. This can even manifest physically to the point of your enemies showing burns or getting shocked. You will have a powerful and vengeful spirit on your side that can protect you spiritually and physically…As with most other fae, they can also grant wishes and bring many positive things into your life besides their specific abilities.

Hybrid Woodland/Astral Fairy - These fairies are hybrids between woodland fairies and astral fairies. Most of them look more like woodland fairies but they wear lighter colors than woodland fairies and their wings are more translucent. ..They seem to have the best parts of both types of fairies. They are quite curious and sociable, more than willing to interact with a human. They also have the power of the earth at their disposal and can influence anything that is governed by the earth element like trees, plants, and soil. Plus they can help you to ground your energy. These are both woodland fairy characteristics…As for their astral fairy heritage they have retained the ability to grant wishes just like the Djinn. Wishes made to them are granted swiftly and easily, but only "light" wishes. They are pure beings of love and light and have no taste for revenge or hate. They can also astral project and can even bend time and space if necessary. ..They are also quite skilled in magick and would love to help their new keeper with any type of white magick…They will bring peace, love, happiness, and good to you. These fairies are unique and powerful, rivaling nearly any other being in existence. They are precious and cute but don't take their abilities lightly. 

Lakas Fairy- The Lakas are fabulous beings…These fairies are perfectly light and loving spirits with a special talent in the area of healing, both physical and emotional. They quickly relieve minor aches and pains and can bring beautiful restoration to your body. It may take them a little more time with serious illness but they can help you recover more quickly and fully in any case…If your hurts are emotional these beings will bring a beautiful loving presence into your life, creating the perfect atmosphere to purge negativity and heal your soul. You will feel completely loved and be willing to finally let go of the past once and for all. If you are in a bad relationship then they can give you the courage and support to leave that unhealthy way of life. They can also lift depression, anxiety, and fear…These fairies are very much like small angels with the peace they bring into your life. ..They don't grant wishes per say but I have found them to also bless their masters with all sorts of things. Money, luck, happiness, love, and many other good things can come into your life just by having a Lakas fairy in your life. Proper medical care should always be used in conjunction with any magickal item.

Loxy - Loxy spirits are fairy spirits that appear as half seahorse half fairy. They are not truly a crossbreed but a simple evolution of their fairy form to allow them to live in the ocean. Loxies are powerful guardians and protectors of the merpeople. Many mermaids have their own personal loxy to watch over them much as humans have guardian spirits…Loxies are mostly found in the Atlantic region but according to my mermaids they are becoming more rare…Loxies can protect humans when they are in water. They can control and manipulate water in great ways So if you work with the water element in magick they will greatly enhance your abilities. They can also increase psychic development and intuition.

Night Flying Dragon Fairy- This type of fairy is mostly active at night and is often found around fire dragons. They form a relationship with these dragons and they absorb and share abilities with them…These powerful little beings are capable of serious spiritual protection, easily defeating foes hundreds of times their size. You won't even know there had been a threat. They have many other abilities as well like granting wishes, providing energy, guidance, turning negative energy into positive, and increased ability to see “beyond the veil”. They love to make friends with dragons and buzz with energy.

Pollinating Fairy- The pollinating fairies have the ability to copy abilities from people and spirits and then give that ability to their keepers. For instance say you really admire a person for being so self-confident or maybe they have an artistic talent that you aspire to. You simply tell this fairy that you would like to have that ability and they will immediately go to work on copying or “borrowing” that ability from the person and implanting it into you. This may be something that you would have to cultivate. An artist has to spend time working with their skill in order to become a master but you will have the ability and talent there when you did not before…The best part is that the person they copy the ability from is not harmed in any way. They will not even know it has happened. You can silently go along and pick up traits from other to add to your own abilities. 

Portal Fairy- They are called portal fairies because they can actually open and close portals at will, not only to other realms and dimensions but in your own consciousness. This means that your perceptions about the natural world and the universe itself will be broadened. Your mind will open to many more possibilities than you have ever dreamed of and you may find that your psychic abilities are becoming quite apparent. You may be able to hear and see things that you never dreamt possible. If you want to work with spirits and other realms then they are perfect for you. If you are the keeper of one then they will only open portals as you request so you need not worry about having all sorts of energy and spirits roaming around your home…These beings also align charkas, increase chi energy, cleanse negativity, and have control of all of the elements. If you work magick of any kind or are just looking to increase your spirituality then this spirit will help you greatly…They love nature and are extremely loyal and benevolent to their humans, even tending to our children and pets…If that’s not enough, they inspire creativity and grant wishes of all kinds. Beings grey “dual” in nature these beings are both light and dark. They are very loving but not above doing unsavory acts when the situation calls for it.

Woodland Fairy- Woodland fairies are wonderfully magickal beings that live deep in forests and woodlands. They are very similar to more “typical” fairies in appearance, although their coloring is more earthy…These little beings are fabulous at bringing protection, grounding, peace, and stability to their keepers. They help you be more accepting of the way things are and can give you insight on how to best change your life to be as you want it…If you have a lot of family conflicts they will help to resolve quarrels to help you to forgive and start over…Perhaps you are in need of emotional balance in your life. With a woodland fairy around your emotions can begin to stabilize and things just won’t bother you as they did…They can also help you discover your own inherent abilities whatever they may be. You will realize your own special uniqueness in life…Woodland fairies also bring the gifts of healing and happiness. They are even capable of granting wishes…Most woodland fairies have calm and easy going personalities. They lack the feisty attitude that other fairies often have. This does not mean they are not ambitious, just more relaxed and with less needs.

Youthful Dreams Fairy- Youthful dreams fairies are a fun type of fairy that come from the highlands of Scotland…Their name might make you think they have something to do with sleep but in actuality these fae are committed to making your waking fantasies and dreams come true…They can help with any type of unfulfilled wish that you have but are especially gifted at fulfilling the wishes associated with youth such as beauty, love, energy, vitality, and wealth…These amazing beings can quickly renew you body, soul, and spirit. They can increase physical vitality and virtually turn back the hands of time with your physical appearance. The signs of aging can slow or reverse, increased energy can come to you, new zest and passion for life will emerge once more, your physical beauty will be enhanced, and you will over all feel better than before…If that’s not enough then they can bring love and romance back into your life bringing new lovers or passion to an already existing love affair…If you are in need of new hope for the future and new ideas for success then they are more than happy to give you new ideas, motivation, and strength to reach your goals…Think of these beings as giving you back your youth in every way.


Archangels - The archangels are especially well known. While their main function in the spirit realm is as messengers of "God", they have come to be known as powerful protectors. Both are true they are wonderful communicators and defenders at the same time…There are many different archangels just as there are many other types of angels. The four most well known archangels are Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel.

Cherubim Angel - Cherubims are the choir of the heavens. They sing hypnotic, melodious tunes that can heal you physically and emotionally, just causing all pain to dissolve. These angels are described in the Bible, singing at the birth of Christ. I have found them especially wonderful for emotional healing… They help with protection, healing and companionship. They use their abilities to help you in every way possible. If you are truly fortunate you may physically hear them sing for you which I'm sure you will never forget.

Guardian Angel - These angels have the gift of constant loving protection…The guardian angels are there simply to repel evil and keep their human from harm. Unlike other protective angels like thrones and archangels, guardian angels are more tender and outgoing so you can develop a strong bond with them.

Luminous Angel - Luminous angels are miraculous beings that exist in a very high plane of existence. These angels have so many different abilities that you may not even believe they are angels…They can bring all manner of psychic abilities, increase magickal abilities, inspire great creativity, teach spirit communication, hidden knowledge, and offer supreme physical and spiritual protection. If that is not enough they can also bring you money, health, self-esteem, love, happiness, and every other good thing you can imagine. They are like a watcher, Djinn, and muse all rolled up into one pure light being. They can bring many miracles into your life that you cannot even imagine…This Angel can grant wishes as well. Simply wish as you would with any other spirit.

Seraphim Angel – Seraphim angels have the gift of healing through heavenly song…Seraphims and Cherubims are very similar angels. The only major difference between them is their size. A Seraphim is a little bit smaller. These angels are the choir of the heavens. They sing hypnotic, melodious tunes that can heal you physically and emotionally, just causing pain to dissolve. 

Sparkling Angel - Sparkling Angels are a class of angels unlike any other. They all have very lively and entertaining personalities and have a zest for life. These angels like to play and have fun in every form and unlike other angels they like to experience all of the pleasures of life, even if it is through the eyes of their humans. This type of angel is more talkative and companionable than any other class of angel. To some, including other angels, they can be considered carefree in their approach to life. It is not that they are irresponsible, just that they live in the moment…They relate to human in ways that most other angels don't. This means that they will feel what you are feeling and go through it with you. This makes them quite effective at knowing exactly how to help you at any given time…Despite their personalities these angels can defend and protect their humans just as well as other angels. So don’t think you have to sacrifice protection for a great personality…They are known to work many types of miracles both materially and emotionally. 

Throne Angel - Throne Angels are the most powerful and protective angels in existence, more powerful than even the archangels…Their name comes from the fact that they are usually found only around the throne of “god”, or at least that’s the lore. Recently I have seen more and more of them come through to our realm. There is a greater need for spiritual protection now than there has been in the past…The Thrones can quickly eliminate any negative threat or unwanted entities. There is really no spirit that can stand against them. They can cleanse out evil and negativity very easily. 

Virtue Angel - This is a more unique type of angel, at least on this earthy plane. The Virtue phylum of angels exists to help us achieve and alter our goals in this lifetime. We plan our lives before we even incarnate to have certain experiences and lessons to learn. The virtues not only help us stay on our paths but can actually change our life chart so that we can learn these lessons without physical harm or extreme pain…Any time you feel that life it too much to bear or that danger is imminent call upon this spirit to change your path into an easier one which will still achieve your highest good without being too difficult…A virtue can change your course and bring you comfort and peace in all uncomfortable situations.

Warrior Angel - Warrior angels are wonderfully protective beings. All angels are great protectors but these angels are exceptional at this. They can fully block any type of attack physical, spiritual and psychic. They will not let any evil or negativity near you. They even carry swords which they use to literally cut negativity and evil out of your life…They also bring retribution and justice for any injustice brought against you. You don't have to wish for it as they will take the liberty of bringing retribution on their own. These angels are great for anyone who is in need of defense…Throne angels are the most powerfully protective angels there are but they do not seek justice and do not have the personalities of these angels…In addition the warriors are great companions and friends, looking after you in every way possible.

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