​Hello, Thanks for your interest in learning real magick from me. For those who do not know me, here’s a little about myself. My Name is Lisa. I’ve been a real practicing witch for nearly 15 years and in that time have honed my craft. I primarily work light magick but do on occasion visit the more questionable dark areas when necessary. For this reason I call myself a grey witch. I am not wiccan and have my own unique values, practices, and ethics. My family lineage is not that of witches, at least as far as I know. I have had to learn from the bottom up, which is what I will be teaching in this course.

What you can expect to learn from this course is witchcraft without religion as I practice it. There are many different ways to practice the craft but this course is about my own practices. You would start at the bottom up, learning the basics and advancing to the more complicated precepts. I plan to lead you to the core of what being a witch is and practical applications. When you are done with this course you should have a good understanding of how to practice the craft. You will then be able to take that knowledge and make it your own. Hopefully you will have the courage and confidence to make up your own spells and do things your own way. Real witches do not rely on the spell work of others or any secret all powerful spell book. We are able to custom make a spell for any purpose based on our own knowledge and intuition. This is what I want to teach you. It is, of course, important to be familiar with the basics so we will cover those and move on to the keys of how to make real changes in your life, which is what witchcraft is for anyway. 

You do not have to be familiar with witchcraft at all to take this course. If you have been practicing a long time you will need to be patient and humble enough to take this course a step at a time to make certain you have a solid foundation. It does not matter what gender, race, religion, or psychic abilities you have. Anyone can learn to do real magick. This course takes you a step at a time, each course building on the last.

This course will not make you superhuman. You will not learn to teleport, levitate, or otherwise do feats of stage magick. That is not what witchcraft is. Witchcraft is a way to bring real changes in the physical world in alignment with you will. 

So what do you get from this course? You get a monthly pdf lesson sent directly to you on the first of every month. You will need Adobe reader to open the file. The lesson will include an assignment that you should work on for the remainder of the month until the next lesson. This will give you time to absorb and practice each concept before moving on but you will not have to turn in any assignments or be graded. You will also have access to a special forum just for my witchcraft students. I try to answer questions when necessary so you will learn even more that way. 

If you are looking to learn what magick truly is and are willing to take the first step then I welcome you to this course.

Should you not feel this path is right for you, you can cancel the course at any time. If you see it through to the end then you will have all the tools to become a powerful magick force in your own right.

The only thing that I ask is that you do NOT copy, duplicate, upload, or otherwise redistribute my work. It is for your own personal use ONLY.

I do not teach conjuring and binding spirits in this course. I take this ability very seriously. There are too many people with a little knowledge and that makes them dangerous. They are haphazardly binding spirits without knowing what they are doing and don’t have the psychic ability necessary to know what they’ve even conjured. Very dark spirits can come to be bound when you are thinking you are binding an angel, for instance. If you don’t have the ability to actually see, hear, or otherwise intuit what the spirit is then you might be harming yourself and others unwittingly. You may also be binding a spirit without an escape clause, thus binding them to an object forever, which I think is just cruel. Conjuring spirits is more than saying a spell. Only very experienced and adept practitioners should even attempt it. Knowing how to conjure and bind spirits is absolutely not necessary to be a successful magickal practitioner in general. 

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