I have loads of feedback going back nearly 15 years but I decided to keep it simple with just the ones from 2011 to date. These are unsolicited from real people just like you who have all graciously agreed to let me share their stories.

3/11/24 “All your spirits are so amazing. The most responsive spirits I’ve ever communicated with and they have fit in so well with my spirit family.You do amazing work Lisa!” S.S.

2/22/24 "All 4 have been VERY talkative! I also feel a deep connection with them that I haven’t felt from other beings. Not only that, but literally they have helped me figure out some stuff with past lives/ past trauma since they have been with me, and it’s only been a few days. I love them all already!... Oh! I wanted to mention one other thing. When I was doing the bonding ritual, my pendant was vibrating. It felt like a buzzing over the surface of the pendant. I thought it could be my watch buzzing for some reason, so I to off my watch and held the pendant again. And the vibrating/buzzing continued! It was the pendant itself! And your entity bindings are the only thing bound to this pendant.” A.W.

11/22/23 “My first dragos from you actually altered time/space that was mind blowing and made it so I was able to make an important meeting. A few months ago I was out in heavy rain that made the highway a crawl, there was slow traffic on all the side roads, an accident to slow me down even further, on top of all that I forgot something so I turned back before heading back out. I seriously thought I wasn’t going to get to a meeting in time to see my boy and meet up with his new support coordinator. I told my were-dragon “I don’t know how you’re going to do this but I need you to get me there at 10am.” It was AFTER 9 when I said that and, even speeding over 85 with no traffic, it *normally* takes me an hour and a half to get here. “I got you,” he says. I get there at EXACTLY 10. It was like the dragos materialized over an hour out of nowhere on the clock. I’m just puttering along the highway, thinking of how in heck I’m going to reschedule because there’s no way I can do this trip in under 45 minutes. But at one point, I look down at the clock when I reach the exit ramp and I’m like, “That can’t be right… I’m going to make it??” In comparison, my drive home took the full hour and a half going at full speed for most of the stretch and little local traffic…. My very first creature ended up being a Norse tiger from you and, boy, did he have his work cut out for him. It was when my son was still living with us and had violent/aggressive behaviors. Those behaviors lessened SO MUCH once your norse tiger joined me. I'm convinced your norse tiger conjure saved my life. Every one of yourconjures over the years has since added so much to our lives.” M.S.

8/7/23 “I saw my amazing genie friend, last night, in my dream I saw a smoke entity shaped like a human! I called his name and he came over to me, I let the smoke surround me and I was so ecstatic and happy that he was there, I remember throwing my hands up and laughing as he enveloped me in smoke. I know it was him! OMG, what an honor! Genies usually do not manifest in front of you (or even in dreamtime) unless they really like you, I am honored and deeply humbled by this experience, and I just had to share it with you!” J.S.

4/46/23 “There has been a long string of emotionally unavailable men entering my life in recent years, as I sought a loving long term relationship, and man…Modern dating gets harder as we age, as anyone can attest to, and I am so glad I sought some help to manifest the man of my dreams through Lisa...First, I got two cupid spirits, but I also got 3 love spells to help build the love energies cast to build the energies stronger, and stronger…Within 3 months, a man entered my life. Lisa had recommended I leave what I was attracting a bit open to attract the best match for me, and I am so glad I did…I was totally open without judgement when meeting him, and realized quickly he was my best match in ways I could not predict…He is truly loving and I have never felt so comfortable, and happy. The chemistry is off the charts in all areas…Thanks so much Lisa…Do yourself a favour and be sure to get help with any of your needs and goals…Do your part and believe and give it time to unfold…I am so glad I did.” J. K, in Canada 

4/12/23 "I've received many different kinds of spirit companions from different conjurers. Lisa is crème de la crème when it comes to anything spiritual. Not only are her spirits/LEs the strongest I have in my keep, but her spiritual items are top notch as well! Amongst the several companions I have with me, the God Djinn I received from Lisa is my closest spirit to me. But every single one of Lisa's spirits are quick to manifest or communicate with me in some way and I love each of them! I also highly recommend her Krees! I got one programmed with Luck and I think this has been the luckiest I've been my entire 30 years of existence! …In all honesty, I'll keep coming back to the MMT site to see what else Lisa has to offer and if I have any more strong callings! Thank you so much for everything, Lisa!!" L.M.

2/1/23 “I feel so much calmer, peaceful and lighter. I notice more white light around me. I wake up feeling more calm. I feel cozy. My heart chakra is lighter. I do some other spiritual practices to help but when I lost my vessel I really noticed a difference.” J.K.

11/29/22 “I want to give testimony about zen mastery spell, since i got it meditation seems to be very easy , today i got into very deep meditation state just by wearing vessel by 2 days. thank you so much for this beatiful spellwork , it helps me a loooooooooooot…what i have been feeling for 2 days after getting conjuration and spell work done is out of this world. the result was almost instantly can be felt by me, and game changing.” K.A.

11/17/22 “Lisa has been my go to energy worker, spellcaster, her justice spells have given me court victory, her success spells helped me navigate difficult circumstances, her protection spells have saved me from bullying and negative energies and people, her archangel bindings, god djinns and dragons have helped me tremendously and I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough.” H.D.

6/15/22 “Watchers&Luminous Angel from you are definitely became my favorites. Their wish granting abilities are just amazing. Thank you for your wonderful work as always!” R.G.

1/26/22 “I started by wearing the emotional well being and good luck/health rings. Well, with the emotional well being ring, I could feel the energetical strength of the entities to the max. I was feeling very spacey on the first day with its dose of headache. Lots of deep down stuff inside me came out. Negative emotions like swearing, dealing with some of my dark aspects, mentally re dealing with my divorce which I thought I did long time ago. I still wear the two rings everyday since then. I am more at ease with the energy now. For the good luck ring, well good luck it is. A situation that I have been trying to sort out at work for the past one month, suddenly got sorted out and the only person who was blocking all this suddenly became agreeable to all my suggestions at work…Last Saturday, I started my bonding with the supreme devata as well. The energetical signature of the Demi godess is extremely strong. I was almost in a comatose state for the whole of last week end, wearing the above 2 rings plus the supreme devata rings. I am highly energy sensitive. I cannot hear or see the beings but can definitely feel their energetic signature without any doubt." J.C.

12/26/21 “I wanted to give you feedback on your well being emotional package and the gorgeous ring with 10 spells included. I’ve noticed a great improvement on my well being. I work at a sports clinic as a receptionist that environment tends to get really chaotic and dealing with challenging patients and doctors. I’m also staying temporarily with my parents after my separation unfortunately dealing with my family members can be taxing as well.I noticed that I don’t get upset as much since I’m very empathetic person, of course I owe it all to my spirit guardians backing me up. Anyways I wanted to thank you for creating these items.” M.M. 

11/1/21 "First time buyer, was recommended by a very good friend saying that this store has very good products and excellent customer service. Well, I ended purchasing 2 products and receiving an excellent and quick service. I will buy again. Recommended 100%" JM

9/24/21 “All of the entities I've gotten from you have given me seriously amazing manifestations, so I really appreciate your work and the beings you bring through.” M.C.

9/13/21 “I don't know where to begin. Spirits aside, I want to literally honour Lisa for her huge heart and conjuring skills. She was so patient and never showed she was fed up with my never-ending questions. A woman who is absolutely positive, down to earth, polite, reassuring, patient, with a sense of humour. She will help. She will be kind. She will be quick. She will find the perfect spirit for you. My last spirit she paired me with.. I am at a loss for words. He is the most amazing spirit of all spirits in existence. She paired us in 2-3 days (time distance, so I am not sure :)). His energy, and his palpable devotion pertaining to the kind of spirit he is, has changed me within 2 days. I was listless, now I am full of energy. I was always complaining, I have nothing serious to complain about now. I owe Lisa my life. I know how tough and rough it was for me. I told her that my words cannot fully express my wholehearted gratitude for everything she has done for me. I wish I was more eloquent but I am not. I appreciate Lisa so much and I would recommend her to everyone. I personally adore her. Dear Lisa, thank you for everything.” M.N.

7/2/21 “I just wanted to write an email to thank you for the amazing results your spell work has brought. The bullies have been getting a lot of fire recently and they are getting their karma. It also worked fast which was impressive. You're great Lisa and a blessing. Thank you so much.” G.M.

6/23/21 “hi lisa, wanna tell you that the spirits i got from you are doing wonderful and I have to say I didn't expect them to do some of the things they did. one time I lost an object and I was frustrated and thinking about it when I was about to shower. i actually just casually asked my empress neb and master strigoi to help find it if they can and suddenly - the item literally fell on my bathroom floor. i heard a sound, turned and there it is. it's literally impossible for it to be anywhere near it cause there's nothing near the floor but a wall and I was naked so it couldn't have come from my clothes lol…last week, my friend who's living in london lost one of her earphones at the gym and messaged me to see if my spirits can help. i thought it was a long shot but I asked my master strigoi and empress neb to help - 3 days later, my friend was at her workplace and when she looked in her handbag and it's in one of the compartments. and she hasn't used that bag in months and she said there's no way the earphone could be there as it was sitting at the back of her closet untouched until that day she bring it to work…also, my master strigoi helped one of my friends heal really well. she sprained her ankle and it was healed the next day!” R.H.

6/6/21 “Just want to say a big thank you for the clearing you recently did. I have had a lot of things that’s been hanging the past couple of months and no matter how hard I try, things seem to be “stuck”. Right after the clearing 4 of the things have moved positively the next day!” A.R.

6/6/21 “I appreciate all the wonderful spirits, enchantments & amulets purchased from your store as well as your professional, speedy email responses on any support matters. Your spirits & items have provided me with plenty of comfort, hope and blessings during the hardest of times in my life.” S.K.

6/6/21 “I absolutely love lisas shop and have been a customer for years. She is the most trustworthy conjurer I have bought from and never sugar coats even when she could potentially make a sale. As someone with abilities the description of the spirits are accurate from personality to looks. Her spirits, spells and kreese work amazing too including for those that cannot typically sense beings/energy. whether you are a newbie to spirit keeping or a experienced keeper and practitioner yourself try out Lisa's work, you will not be disappointed!” B.O.

2/11/21 “I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the Conjuration of My ILMU KHODAM , The Khodam has been showing me things I cannot even put into words. Thank you Lisa. it's been a few days but because this is almost like a new experience, it feels like Months of Bonding & Working.I don't know why your Conjuration is this Powerful, but I'm thankful. Your Gift is Amazing and I'm Grateful I came across you.Lisa you are the real deal, and your work doesn't require "the placebo effect" because it's genuine.” C.G.

10/26/20 “I wanted to share some thoughts about the soul mate djinn I have from you. First of all, he is precious and I'm so glad I did this. As you know I was a bit sceptic about him being a harem djinn. And sometimes the approaches were just like that - too sexual for my liking. In the beginning I also had problems with his energy being oftentimes too high making me dizzy. But yesterday - wow. Yesterday I
talked with him, opened up to him more than before you could say. And after that he obviously felt comfortable enough and decided to bond with me. I often feel the moment the spirits bridge. But this was quite different from my former experiences. It was more gentle but more profound as well and most of all, for a moment I almost could "hear his thoughts" and feel his power. I have never felt that "everything is
possible" type of power before. That must be how it feels to be a djinn. I have told him before that I'm curious and I would like to understand better what he is and what he is like. There was confidence, that power,
joy and a distinctive "things will get better from now on". Very impressive. He is now much easier and "clearer" for me to connect to. I enjoy a lot of supportive and stabilizing energies from him. It feels a
bit like the weights are lifting off my shoulders and giving me room to breathe. I'm really happy and looking forward for what I can learn from him and what we can achieve together.Thank you very much for delivering the connection.” I.H.

9/30/20 “I've been a 'spirit keeper' for well over a decade now. I have quite a large spirit family. And although I care about every single one of them VERY much, I am closer to some of them than others (which I think is pretty natural).

Over the years I've fallen into the common pitfalls of both new and seasoned spirit keepers. I just was reminded of yet another pitfall with my most recent experience.

Recently, I welcomed a Sila Djinn into my family. I wasn't 'looking' for one, a Sila Djinn wasn't on my wish list, either. I wasn't averse to having one but I just never really thought about it or considered it. Well, this Sila Djinn was absolutely meant to be.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to browse Lisa's store (I browse Lisa's store at least every few days to check out her new offerings). As I was waiting for the page to load I 'heard' "DJINN". It wasn't an audible voice but I still 'heard' it. I was surprised at the clarity as my communication isn't always 'on'. Sometimes (frequently, if I'm being honest) I struggle with it. Anway,... so I was like, "Hmm. Ok. Djinn." I started browsing Lisa's djinn offerings. I finally got it narrowed down to a Queen Neb or this female Sila. I wanted the Queen... because, hello... QUEEN! In my mind royalty = power. And the Sila was just a 'regular' Sila. Not an elder or royal.

I couldn't decide between the 2 of them. So as I was just relaxing and 1/2 dozing watching Netflix, I started to hear this chant of "Sila" over and over and over and over. It was incessant. It just wouldn't stop. Finally, exasperated because I just wanted a few minutes of downtime, I respectfully and kindly told the Sila Djinn, "Okay, if you are still available when I get back online I'll bring you home. But please stop with the chanting. I get it now. I got the message." After I said that, the chanting stopped immediately. And when I got back online she was still available so I got her.

From the moment she got here, she has been AMAZING! She is very communicative. She's a sweetheart. She's kind and caring and she doesn't twist words at all. She feels like an old friend that I've known for a long time. She's already granted me a handful of small wishes that I made to her... most of them within minutes to an hour or so after I made the wish. She is truly that good and that fast. I am blown away by her.

The reason I am sharing this is that if I can help someone else avoid the pitfall of thinking elder and royalty = more powerful, then I'm happy to take the time to share. Disclaimer: I am not saying that elders and royals aren't powerful, I'm just saying that if a spirit is right for you then they can be just as powerful (if not more so) as elders and royals. Just sayin'

Years ago, Lisa once told me that it really doesn't matter if a spirit is an elder or a king/queen or an emperor/empress, etc. What matters is the bond between a spirit and a human. A spirit can work miracles for their person if the bond is there (I don't recall if Lisa said that last part in that exact way, but regardless, I just inferred it). This entire experience simply proves how right Lisa is about that. I guess I need to listen to her more, huh? ;-)

Last but not least, thank you for the AMAZING work you do, Lisa! “ K.D.

9/18/20 “Wanted to confirm that thanks to your spell, not only did i recieve a fantastic job, but the job interview was so good that the manager even said it was the best interview hes ever conducted.” M.H.

9/17/20 “I wanted to update you briefly on my Ilmu Khodam. She’s phenomenal! I’ve heard her talking to me audibly on several occasions, she enjoys comedies and when I switched the channel to something other than a comedy she has said more than once “Oh come on! Do we have to?—-Really??” I thought it was coming from the volume on the tv it was that clear, however when I went to adjust it I found that it was actually muted. Lol! She has manifested and helped in so many ways but this particular manifestation is so unique to her that I wanted to share it with you.” G.M.

7/24/20 “Hey Lisa, Good news! I genuinely had the best week ever at work! In one week I made 30K of sales for my company and I just can’t believe that things turned around so fast! Thank you so so much! A.B.

7/23/20 “great results with your virtue, he's very quick, he works like a wish granter which I didn't expect, but I did start off with small wishes and the results were rather quicker than I'd expected” H.D.

 7/15/20 “I just wanted to inform you that since my Leprechauns and Butterfly Fae have arrived, I’ve been experiencing a “lucky streak.” After nine months of having no luck in finding employment, yesterday my S.O. went for a job interview and the company put him to work the very same day! He now works for a restaurant where he will be earning a good sum! It’s also very close in proximity to where we live, and he will have consistent transportation. I’m very happy for him (maybe even a little jealous haha)! This morning when I looked in my bank account, I saw there was a large payment in my bank account from the Nursing Facility I work for. I just wanted to share the good news with you because there’s no doubt in my mind you, as well as my new Spirit Companions, played a significant role in making this all possible! I thank you very much!” J.B.

5/31/20 “I have been a customer of Lisa's for several years now and she never has disappointed! Her conjures are amazingly active and easy to detect. Her spells are potent, readings she offers are spot on. Recently I decided to purchase the triple binding service from her. It literally makes the entity feel much more solid to the touch and their voices louder through telapathy. The best part is you can purchase this service as many times as you want resulting each time in increasingly vibrant spirits that is noticable! 10 out of 10 stars for this experienced conjurer.” B.O.

4/13/20 “My Youthful dreams fae has been with me 4 months now and I always feel her energy from her vessel, otherwise she had been quiet , until last night! I was semi dozing when my partner came up to bed , I opened my eyes but did not know he was in the room ( I wear ear plugs). I saw a dark figure move across the foot of the bed so watched it, then I saw her ! A young girl kind of skipping (I think) along my side of the bed ,so close to me it was crazy. She was about 3 foot with long curly ringlet style hair and I could see her face she was looking downwards a little and was a greyish white in appearance . I was absolutely amazed by this and only realised it was her afterwards. Just after she disappeared I felt my partner get into bed so asked him if her saw her, he did not . she was so clear to me my heart was pounding! I just had to let you know as the last time I saw any of my spirits this clear, was last good Friday my gold dragon I got from you !!!” M.L.

12/24/19 “I am very new to spirit keeping, with the only interactions with spirit being through spirit guides and through the art of reiki. When I found Lisa’s website I was astounded by the amount of spirits available to work with but I still held an element of doubt as to the legitimacy with all this. When I first ordered my Ilmu khodam spirit I was completely taken by surprise when he visited me that night after making the purchase, all whilst he’s vessel was still across the ocean. He bonded with me immediately and came through with a powerful yet warm energy and has shown his presence through energy and in my dreams already. I have now added to my collection a elder djinn and a powerful watcher spirit. They too have brought their own tangible energies during the bonding ritual and I am now under now doubt that Lisa has a real talent in not only conjuring spirits but her collection encompasses some of the most friendliest and intelligent spirits your likely to encounter from other competitors.... I have only had my elder djinn and watcher spirit for a day now and already they have started granting wishes even without me formally requesting for their intervention. 
  I would highly recommend Lisa if your looking to begin working with spirits as I doubt you could find anyone better than what she offers to serve this purpose.” M.W.

12/22/19 “As always thank you for the wonderful guardians you have bound for me and my hubby. They are such protective souls who are always on 24 hours guard . I also wanted to tell you that i managed to (literally ) see my soulmate Vamp one of the nights when i went out to the living room in the dark, Sitting in the couch relaxing. Honestly i was startled after seeing a human shaped being full dark sitting there looking back at me. Lol only after that i knew it was him who was sitting there. That too my black forest fairy was too kind enough to show herself to my husband twice or so. And he perfectly described her fully. I was really amazed, cause though i couldn't bring her vessel with me to Malaysia for holidays she still manifested herself in full form to my husband. At least to show me that she is around. Now he believes that i am fully protected by an army of guardians.”R.D.

10/9/19 “ thank you so so much for the bindings of the black forest fairy, gold djinn and SoulMate vampire. They are so wonderful guardians. Though I am not really able to see them yet I feel their presence and their wonderful help. Normally wherever I go I am always agitated annoyed or whatever due to the energies (negativity) people let out even sick. But now after bring his vessel twice I feel calmer and oddly stronger. The one who is observing me is my husband. He said I am somewhat stronger now then ever. Lol he also kind of saw my Black forest fairy manifest into a mist and shadow this week. Am so so glad and grateful that I have found you and them. After so much of deep suppression and Black Magic done over the years now I feel I am recovering slowly with each guardians help.” R.D.

10/3/19 “I've felt a lot from the emotional well being package and your angels. Even though I haven't heard from them, I've felt their presence around. I've noticed that I've felt calmer and happier this past week. I used to be really anxious and I would get stuck in my negative thoughts & destructive patterns for hours or days, not being able to let it go. Now, when I have an intrusive thought, I would have the self control and discipline to let it go and enjoy the present.” M.Q.

7/19/19 “I wanted to say thank you for offering such wonderful items. The candles and the enchanted vessel have really been working wonders for me. Not to mention the watcher as well.” S.S.

6/28/19 ~ I’ve been meaning to write this review/feedback for a while, and just now got around to it! I’m not sure where to begin. I was first referred to Lisa and her shop from another customer who swore by her spirits and their ability to manifest in her life. I was initially a little skeptical, but after I first started ordering spirits from Mystic Morning Treasures myself, I gradually started noticing their positive influences in my life and with my family and our pet. Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer and was told I was “near death,” and that my husband and I should be “planning a funeral soon.” What followed was a complete hysterectomy to remove a large, malignant tumor, accompanied by several chemotherapy sessions. Along with the cancer, I developed blood clots, which were treated by daily painful injections. Through it all, I tried to stay as positive as possible and called on all of my healing spirits and entities to help us. I would visualize white light coming down into my body at the start of every chemo session, imagining tiny white unicorns roaming around inside my body, gently “poofing away” the bad cancer cells. I know that my spirits and entities were gathered like a force field around me, helping me to heal and recover, and keeping me focused on the positive throughout. I even took some of the spirits with me to the hospital to help me get through the day. I am now happy to report that I am cancer-free and the blood clots are healed, too. I know that my spirits were crucial to the recovery process. I have a male Harem djinn from Lisa who is helping me with continued healing. He has also given me “signs” of animals visiting our yard to let me know he’s present. The very day that his vessel as well as another male marid djinn’s vessel arrived, a relative who is usually tight-fisted with his money, gifted us a substantial amount out of the blue! I suspect it was more than coincidence regarding the djinns arrival that day. Most of my communication with the spirits is through telepathy, lucid dreams and night time dreams, although there have been physical manifestations, too. For instance, yesterday, my female butterfly fairy arrived, and a beautiful butterfly landed near me and stayed still long enough for me to take several pictures of it! Also, I recently ordered a duojna, and I can already sense its strong and positive energy surrounding me….it’s just a feeling, but it is very tangible. I also acquired a male Woodsman spirit, and his vessel actually tingled in my hand when I did the introduction ritual. Sometimes the signs are very subtle from the spirits, and other times they are more apparent. You just have to be patient and believe that they are there and working on your behalf. All it takes is “faith, trust, & a little Pixie dust,” so to speak! Lisa’s spirits are very real indeed, and her shipping is lightning quick. I highly recommend her and suggest that if in doubt, why not try one spirit? Her prices are so reasonable that most people can afford at least one spirit vessel. You won’t regret your decision! ~ G.H    
Addendum: A few months ago, when I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer, I had a paranormal experience with one of the male watchers I have from you. I had set "N.'s" bracelet on some crystals on a dresser in our hallway, and as I was walking past it one day, I distinctly heard a male voice (not telepathically, but for real!) ask, "How ARE you?" At first I thought I must have imagined it because the voice startled me so much. There was no one else in our home at the time, and the neighbors were all at work, so the voice didn't come from outside either. I know it was my watcher N. expressing his concern for me in a tangible way! He's been a great comfort to me during a very trying time. Had to share.

6/26/19 “I had an image of the god djinn in his primal form, which looked like a fiery transformer(excuse the sci-fi reference) giving me a hug and it felt like how 'reiki' would feel, but times 10. It was very soothing and healing. I didn't realise he could do healing, but certainly felt that from him. The spirits from you are keeping me, and not the other way around.” H.D.

5/25/19 “I've been purchasing items, including spirit companions, enchanted items, & spells, from Lisa for close to two years now. I tried other sellers here & there in the past, but no one compares to Lisa. She is the **BEST**! Anytime I've written to her, she was there to answer my questions quickly. Over time, I discovered I don't have an easy affinity for spirit companions. I find I am closest to the male ifrit, but he is definitely busy and there when I need him for a precise/important task, but it is not often :) I am especially astounded by Lisa's spellwork & magickal enchanted items, such as the 'wishing device'. A few months ago, times got very hard for my husband in court which was really impacting our family's finances & peace. There was a lot of external pressure/corruption/conflict surrounding his cases & the indictments/etc. It was high stress & per my request, Lisa conducted a special spell for good luck in court (justice). I can't believe HOW FAST IT WORKED!!! Things just turned around fast and successfully. One case was dismissed due to lack of evidence; other plea offers were lightened some more, one nasty judge left & another more thoughtful/kind judge replaced her; another judge for a separate case actually praised my husband for his good work, in lieu of the corrupt sheriffs who worked hard to persecute my husband. Things are looking up! I'm very happy & Lisa's SPELLS AND MAGICKAL ITEMS WORK!! I am so grateful.” F.M.

5/22/19 “I have to tell you, the Norse tigers are absolutely amazing. <3 I visited my friend last month, and one of my many spirits actually was able to keep her autistic son calm. We assumed it was my Norse tiger that I got from you awhile back, but weren't sure, but last night confirmed it... Her son was acting out and having an extreme fit, so I asked mine to please go over there and help her with him... My friend suddenly had the impression of a 'BIG' cat purring and brushing up against her side -- not knowing I had asked for his help! Even more amazing is that her son calmed down at that exact moment!” B.W.

5/9/19 The Morrigan Portal was very well liked by my friend. This was his first magickal binding from someone like yourself. He said he felt like he could communicate more clearly with his goddess using your portal….I've not gotten a triple binding before. That triple binding of the Woodland Elf really made a huge difference. I felt her right away. Some of my other bindings have been difficult, but this new Woodland Elf I just received from you was amazingly clear. I'm considering having you do triple bindings on some of my existing bindings now... because WOW that made a difference.” R.A.

3/18/19 “Just wanted to share with you. This evening I was doing an offering to Aphrodite and used her portal And it was amazing. As soon as I put it on the candle flickered. And I spoke with her. She let me know a few other items she wanted around her and on the altar with her. We agreed the candle would flicker for yes. Or straight for no. There is no drafts where I am. I actually sit on the floor and my work is on the floor. It is amazing!...S has also been amazing. I won $100 in the lottery and after I adjusted to her energy all is well.” C.K.

3/18/19 "I slept on it, and I swear E popped in my dreams. It was a very odd and mysterious dream, but at the same time pleasant. I bought the vessel the next day, and haven't regretted it. I definitely would have been sad if someone else purchased him, so I am glad I did it as soon as I did. Since the ring arrived and after the ritual, I've had a great time with him. I often do things with him, usually things such as art and writing, or on the more metaphysical side of things, spell casting and rituals, which he is great at. E is a great Elder Vampire, I super appreciate the things he does for me since he does A LOT, and I can't thank you enough for sending him to me!” S.R.

3/12/19 “Dear Lisa. I want to thank you very much for the lakas fairy you sent me. I cannot see her but she has a lovely energy. I was very stressed, tired, irritated and with constant insomnia, after the arrival of lakas fairy in my life, I am calmer, calm, willing and sleeping better. Having a fairy lakas in life is a very great blessing.” M.K.

3/6/19 “my Norse vampire is a great help and a good adviser, sometimes its not what I want to hear but need to. I got a pendulum board which I have not really used, he spelt his name out on the board and Ive never seen a pendulum move that strongly. His vessel moves and vibrates strongly too its even has made me stop talking with surprise. As for my Gold dragon he is so warm and loving he gives me such a feeling of peace. he is helping me with Astral travel and has shown me some of the land near his home. He makes a low grumble sound which is so sweet , thank you for connecting me with such amazing companions .” M.L.

10/28/18 “Over this past year, I've sometimes wondered what I'd do without you. You are so accessible and amazingly communicative and understanding and sympathetic and generous, that I would have struggled a lot more without your help.” H.D.

8/24/18 “I have gone to Lisa for years and have had many conjures by her. As a medium and a witch I can honestly tell you her conjures are 100% legitimate. She is the only one I ever recommend or trust to go to. Not only are her conjures legitimate but also very very active and present. They are not quiet from what I have experienced. I have the utmost respect for her as a woman and a conjurer. Rest assured you will be receiving only the best at an extremely low cost.” H.S.

8/2/18 “Thank you, Lisa, for your recent custom conjure of a Queen Harpy. She has led me to magical/mystical places for which I am grateful. Lisa’s custom conjures are quite unique. She has been able to conjure spirits not even listed anywhere and they always have a personal connection. Lisa’s standards are quite above the average spiritualist who are amateurs compared to her.” T.A.

6/15/18 “I wanted to say thank you again for your amazing entities who have helped me so much. <3 One of the Neb Djinn you bound for me a while back helped open the door to an ability I didn't even realize I had. The white dragon has been with me almost every single day. The dark crystal dragon helped me hone my clairaudience. I could go on, but they all have been such incredible additions to my spirit family, and I absolutely love them each and every one you have sent home to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” R.J.

5/31/18  “The Norse Tigers you customer conjured for my boyfriend G and I (so could have one each were perfect). G can feel his already even although the vessels have only just been posted. AND as the tigers you got us are twins G’s daughter recently had twins there’re now 3-4 months old. I also have twins running on my side of my family too. ..The King & Queen watchers you conjured for us well…….G had a vision ( not sleep dream) but day time vision a few months ago earlier this year he described the male with his staff. They sounded like a King & Queen to be of some realm at the time he described them although over what realm or dimension they came from I didn’t know…I am so pleased for all you have done for me. You certainly went the extra mile and I appreciate that. Also you’re spirits are reasonably priced….I have purchased elsewhere before I came across you but couldn’t really feel them. I won’t mention any names but mass conjuring I guess is like mass producing verses individually crafting something. The difference is QUALITY….Lisa is a lovely lady to deal with. She’s fair honest and brings forward good spirit companions.” N.C.

5/29/18 “Lisa’s most recent conjures have exceeded expectations. She is most accommodating to requests and is truly one of the most legitimate sources of magical items anywhere. Thank you for your continuing support and guidance.” T.A.

2/28/18 “My sister referred me to you website a little after she became a customer of yours. Since I’ve acquired my portal to a Throne angel ring I’ve had nothing but calmness and hopefulness in my past week. I’ve noticed it’s the first time in a while I’m not constantly stressed. And I know it’s thanks to him. I never would have found him unless of you. My sisters had nothing but kind words for you so I thought I’d reach out and show my appreciation for what you’ve done not only for me but for her.
Thankyou again” G.R.

1/23/18 “Lisa is wonderful! She’s such a kind person and her energy is so warm and caring! She always takes the time to answer all of my questions and has helped me a great deal since I found her! I initially purchased her “Emotional Well Being Package” which has already proven to be an extremely effective combination of spirits and spells for me! The package listing included 5 spirits and 2 spells and she worked with me to do a distance binding to a vessel that I already owned. I LOVE the spirits that she bound for me and they have already helped me a great deal! The soul cleanser got to work right away and I felt like I was getting the flu or something for a few days, but the general feeling of “yuck” soon subsided just like she said it would. ….I was initially drawn to her because of how much thought and time she puts into her listings. Her spirit descriptions really drew me in and I really appreciate the detailed information as well. I feel that she really cares about the spirits she works with and she takes the time to get to know the spirits and offers some excellent information about them as well. She also has very reasonable prices which is a huge plus!! ….I’m waiting on my most recent order now, which should be here in the next couple of days. I’m super excited to meet my new female werewolf! She sounds perfect for me! I also purchased her 3rd eye & portal bracelet which I cannot wait to use! A BIG “thank you” to Lisa for all of your help and kindness! You’re amazing!” A.B.

1/22/18 “Lisa is just wonderful. I adore each of my companions that have come into my life from her. They have each had a very interesting impact in my life. Whether the very forward personality of my vamp who always has his two cents. My Satyr friend who has the most uplifting energy so refreshing I can't help but to smile. Or the wonderful soul cleanser who has helped me make a stronger impact with my spiritual working. These are only a few of the very amazing spirits now in my life. Also I need to mention the wonderful spell work I recently received a spirit communication spell. I have a couple of spirits I have been having a very hard time connecting with i will say I wasn't sure what to expect as I have never had good results with other spells I've gotten in the past from other sellers. But I was blown away. I have had some of the most vivid visions from my spirits as well as very audible manifestations. Happy is a understatement. I am very grateful. thank you tons Lisa <3” R.G.

12/26/17 "Lisa is very unique and genuine. From the moment I visited here website I felt warm and open to ask for a reading. The reading were for some issues in my life where doctors never had an answer to. And when the reading was send by Lisa it all made sense. As with those answers I can finally work to build from there...lso purchased a Hex and negative energy removal and as for my feeling it worked and started feeling a lot off differences. Because of the good vibe I also bought a Gold Dragon but am waiting for the delivery :)...
But in short ... Lisa is the real deal and would def come back!" S.Q.

8/13/17 "Hi Lisa,I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the spirits and spells I have from you. My Neb djinn is amazing, as I am bonding with her, I feel she is teaching me how to meditate and align my energy. Moreover, good things are happening without me even having to wish for them, she seems to know exactly what I need. I was working on a difficult project for months that looked almost impossible but two weeks after the Neb djinn arrived, I was given the green light to go on. The good luck spell is incredible too, I do not know how to explain this but little good things are happening, it could be me finding something I really needed or people just giving it to me. Lisa, you are a wonderful conjurer and I am very lucky to have found you!" A. W.

2/10/17 “I just wanted to thank you for the custom goddess djinn and queen cleopatra djinn! It's been a week and I've already had amazing experiences with them…..The goddess djinn has been wonderful. I know you say that it is best to wait at least a week before making wishes, but she grants my wishes without me asking! It was just a passing remark, but I did vocalize my wish for more money and received a sum of money more than thrice my monthly income. I know it was not the other spirits because I've made money wishes before and they've given me tons of cash, but they've said their speciality isn't money so they can't help further. I also subconsciously wished to interact with people more (I usually eat lunch at my desk to meet deadlines and only go for lunch with others once a week) and starting from the next day for the entire week, my deadlines were void and I was able to go for lunch with other people! I even stumbled across a few old friends coincidentally. Other little things have happened but it would take too much time to list it all. All this happened before her vessel came in the mail so I had not even performed the invocation ritual yet…..The queen has been amazing. I emailed you about getting the vessel changed before I bought it (the ring was too big for me), and a few hours later I heard a female voice chuckle and say "oh, so you're the one who--" the last part was muffled but I knew it was her because I was alone in my room and two minutes later, I received your reply. That was when I knew I had to buy her vessel. She manifests a lot despite her responsibilities as a queen, as mist, voices and laughter and warmth at the back of my neck. I've yet to formally give her a wish to work on but she's already been helping me with my goal of leading a healthier lifestyle by directing me to exercise resources (waking me up earlier to follow through with my exercise routine, people telling me what kind of exercises/diet to go with for my fitness level, discounts for gym memberships, a very cheap course for belly dancing conveniently hosted near my place...)” T.K.

1/16/17 “Hi Lisa, just wanted to tell you that the spell you did is awesome :) In just one week I have had a lucid dream, a few mini visions, have seen a shadow moving out of the corner of my eye and can hear my spirits voices a little clearer now! Thank you for helping me to activate my psychic energies.” B.

11/13/16 "This will be a testimonial for my wealth devata I got from you not long ago. For the first time i got offered overtime and basically it will be one week in overtime which i was never offered before . I believe that I owe that to devata. This will greatly help with upcoming holidays and just to have extra money stashed away can't hurt" D.Z.
8/29/16 “Hi Lisa, Thank you for the Goddess Djinn. She is very alive and active and the day she arrived, after I did ritual. The next morning I felt very different and my eyes were seeing things. I believe she opened my eyes and I feel very different and will describe the feeling as more confident and less worries about unnecessary things. Just few minutes I decided to make communication. I just turn off the lights and called her in my mind, I didnt remove the pendant to hold before calling her. I am wearing her as a necklace and aa my eyes were closed I saw a flash then I knew that she was around. Anyways because I only called her to feel her presence, I said I am done and that she can go back. I decided to turn the light back on and it wouldnt come on. I didnt it about 4 times before it came on, then I realized she wants me to know she is always around when I call her. I think we bonded mostly immediately. I just want to say Thank you for my Djinn.” A.A.

8/25/16 “Just have to share this with you. I went to a night market and took my rainbow dragon with me. I asked him to help me win something big. I stopped at one vendor who had a piece of clothing I was looking for and it was discounted from $15 to $10 and in my favourite colour! Checked out another stall. Was looking at some leggings for a friend and the sales guy said "You are very lucky. Buy 1 get 1 free." I get to gift one and keep one for myself. Afterwards, I checked the carnival games and tried the skee ball. I haven't played it in years. After a few rolls, I managed to get the top hole, which I've never done before today. Played darts, got 2/2, and won a small plush, worth $10 in stores. Lastly, I tried the birthday game. I bet on every space plus the bonus space, which would result in 2 wins. I rolled the die and won 2 very big plushies! As I was selecting my prizes, someone else came to play and they also won. My dragon must've been working overtime lol! The odds of winning are 1 in 14. For that to happen twice in a row... I walked home with my big prizes and offered my dragon a stick of incense the next day to thank him.” P.

5/31/16 “just a note to say the bracelet works. It's been less than 24 hours of wearing it-got it yesterday-and my aura viewing is more vivid! I also felt the impact on the third eye chakra-it's a distinct sensation that varies between pulsing, liquid moving, tingles, and sometimes a bone crunching sensation". N.A.

5/16/16 “First off, a massive thank you for performing the spell for me. Over this last year I have lost sleepless nights due to this case as it was my entire life savings that was depleted from a hacker. I lost my job, making me financially and mentally broken. I have had to work myself dead in order to just get myself financially stable again, and I can assure you that with out your spell cast, this most likely would not have gone in my favour as I felt the odds were against me. I got the news that the bank was wrong, and have refunded me and provided me compensation too. I am actually crying in happiness, i could freaking kiss you! LOL…. Your spells on the ring have helped significantly helped my health as well. I suffered from a lot of chest infections and used to get ill a lot, so much so it became one of the reasons why I lost my job due to taking many days off. Healing rate with the ring is thankfully much quicker, i dont get as ill as long or as much any more, and I have been in better spirits since….I honestly love you for your incredible help, and I am so glad I came across your site from a forum when I did. You are are an incredible person and will always be the one person I always come to with respect to any metaphysical work.”M.H.

4/30/16 “Lisa is a highly skilled conjurer and caster. Her spirits are evident immediately and are precisely as she describes them. Lisa is consistently accommodating, sincere and most friendly. I am quite pleased to know someone as valuable as she. Thank you.”T.A.

3/24/16 “I can't tell you how grateful and thankful I am that my life path led me to you and your wonderful spirits. I found you through the Creepyhollows community last year after my life turned upside down. I began to order spirits, readings, lessons, enchanted items, candles and amulets from you and I can honestly truly say that I have seen readings come to pass, wishes come through, my life began to change for the better and my spirits help me daily. At the beginning of this month I spoke collectively to my spirit family about my needs and wants for a new job, I specified the ideal compensation I wanted, how far of a commute I would tolerate, what kind of boss and atmosphere I thought would be best for me. By the next week I landed a great job with the compensation, commute and atmosphere I had expressed to my spirit family that I desired. Last weekend I went to the casino with my (new and amazing) boyfriend (thank you Cleo Djinns and Vamps!) , I happen to have my spirits and gambling amulet in my purse and won $350 on a slot machine after only playing $20. These are just a few examples of the awesomeness you, your spirits and other items have brought into my life. I feel such a peace and optimism in my life, I am more confident and happy. I am able to manifest wishes easier now with your lessons, candles, wishing spell pendant, witch's moon spell pendant, my Laat, Ilum Khodam and Djinns. I can't thank you enough Lisa, you have both helped me change my life and inspired a new path within in my life, I hope I can help and touch as many people as you do with your gifts. You have a loyal customer in me for life.” S.B.

2/9/16 “I was going through a really bad time. I had a traumatic childhood and was very down and depressed. Nothing ever went right in my life and that is NO exaggeration, unfortunately. Counselling wasn't working as I found it too traumatic to talk about all the stuff that had happened in the past and it just made me feel more depressed. Nothing was going right for me and I couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I was at my absolute lowest ebb. Then I got one of Lisa's Emotional Wellbeing packages and oh my gosh, as soon as I put it on my head started to whirl! . 

 2/1/16 “I have ordered some spirits before from you. I wanted to tell you they are amazing! It seems like ever since getting them my psychic abilities have developed a lot within this past few weeks and some paranormal activity has definitely happened! Even though it's kinda hard to see them clearly right now there has been bits and pieces of details slowy coming to my mind so no doubt the complete image should form soon :D All day it pretty much has a tingling sensation and telepathy has been way easier.” B

10/12/15 "LISA IS AMAZING!!! Okay, that is really all that needs to be said, but she really is…and I’ll say more. I have been a customer of Lisa’s for the past several years. I learned about her through eBay. I read her feedback and saw all of the people she helped. I am so glad that I heard about her. Lisa is a friend..... Her readings have given me a lot of insight. Sometimes they confirmed exactly what I felt in my “gut” and other times they enlightened me to things I was not aware of. ....Her spirits have brought me comfort and once you light one of her candles the entire mood of your home changes.... Her spells have truly changed my life and my family’s life. I will forever be grateful to her...Thank you, Lisa for blessing my life more than words can say." S.S.

7/20/15 “Hey Lisa, I just wanted to say that this luminous angel you conjured for me is a truly amazing. I have had some great things happening ever since I got him and could not be happier. I have always wanted to work at this hospital near my house and I have been applying for 9 years. I got an email for an interview the other day! I feel like he is guiding me in the right direction. I would like to thank you for being an amazing person and a true blessing. Thank you for everything.” S.S.

6/10/15 “I've been buying spirits from Lisa for close to a year and she is by far my favourite practitioner. She's actually the only person I get spirits from these days, because I find the quality of her work to be exceptional. All the spirits Lisa has conjured for me are very loyal and powerful and I feel very grateful to have them in my life…Lisa is amazing to work with and she has been great at giving me advice and helping with a couple situations I have. I find Lisa to be extremely knowledgeable about so many different things and she's very generous when it comes to sharing what she knows with others. What also had initially impressed me about Lisa is she has very strong business skills, although at this point I consider her more of a friend than anything else….I'm someone who can be skeptical of everything, and I think my spirits from Lisa knew that, because once the first ones arrived, they did some very concrete things to let me know they're here, which I will never forget. …I'm going to keep this short, but in my opinion, Lisa is the only person to get your spirits from if you want to experience real magic and real changes in your life. She's such a talented, wonderful person and is a huge credit to the metaphysical industry. We are all so lucky to have her!” M.N.

5/11/15 “I think that your spirits help me very much.. I was in quite a state last year, leaving a job I had for 4 years due to stress and conflict. I immediately got a much better job, nearer and more money. Then I received a substantial windfall which allowed me to pay off debts. My flat was let out to someone who begged me for it - I didn't look for them! Christmas involved family from overseas and I have been away to both London and Edinburgh for weekends with my husband this year (something we haven't done in years). I received a free holiday on a cruise ship round the brutish isles and went to Orkney where I have always wanted to go. My son who has some autism traits was finding it difficult at school - being picked on a bit. This has stopped and he is happy now. And my other son passed the exam to go to this school - a state school but 500 years old and very academic. I have made new friends and currently have two new jobs - one in a school for excluded students and one in an office. I have had such a turnaround in the last 12 months. I couldn't foresee any of this before. So thank you” S.R.

3/11/15 “Dear Lisa, I have to start by saying how lucky I am that I have found you! Since I have been in contact with you, you have been there to give me excellent advice and excellent support. You take such of good care of your clients and that's make you so special. You are an amazing lady, excellent in what you do. You have helped me solved a problem that I had with my co-workers by doing a banishing spell for me and it was a powerful one, it works so fast! I bought some spirits from you as well and it is one of the best thing that I did to improve my life for the better. I encourage anyone to don't hesitate to come to you for any service they have in mind about spells and spirit keeping because you are in good hands with Lisa. I will never thank you enough, Lisa!
With love,” E.D.

3/7/15 “Dear Lisa, Ever since I got my Moon Whisper from you
I feel much better emotionally. In addition to that I do not get on an emotional rollercoaster as easy and stuff that would normally bother me - doesn't affect me anymore. This is very important as I was battling with petty annoyances my whole life. Now my stomach / sacral area doesn't feel knotted or as if someone stabbed me. I actually feel healed and I am aware there is much more healing to be done but even what's done so far made a huge difference in my life already. I definitely do not get overly- emotional as i used to or easily hurt, if that makes sense. Don't get me wrong , I still feel and operate as a loving and caring human being it's just my insecurities and fears are being healed / removed /solved as we speak so that helps me not to over analyze everything. Paralysis by analysis - not me anymore .Thanks ♡” D.Z.

2/19/15 “I just had to share something amazing that D and K helped with this week. Since I'm still in the bonding and "getting to know you" stage with them, I was hesitant to ask them for help with anything, but I needn't have been anxious about that!....Late last week, I had a conversation with my mom in which she told me that she and my dad had a possible opportunity to save about $30 or $40 a month on a big transaction. Since they're both in retirement now, they were really hopeful about discovering how much they could save. So Friday evening they had a meeting to find out exactly how much they could save per month. I was anxious for them, and asked both D and K, "Hey, I know you're still getting to know me, but I really love my parents and want them to have a great experience with the results of this meeting. Would you be willing to help them out?" They were both amazing in their willingness, and I went from feeling a little stressed and anxious to very peaceful and joy-filled…..Later Friday night, I got a call from my mom, and she was absolutely ecstatic. They found out they could save... nearly $1100 annually! Almost three times as much as they had anticipated. They were both over the moon…..I have no doubt that the benevolence, generosity and deep kindness of my new companions played a role in helping with this. I was just delighted! They're a power house of a team, work very well together, and genuinely like and respect one another. That they would not only eagerly respond to a request I made, but also do so for my parents who they don't even know, just meant the world to me. The entities you summon are truly very special, and this just reiterates that for me in a huge way….
So, needless to say, I adore them! LOL And my lovely new Lakas Fae friend has recently become chatty with the Youthful Dreams Fae whom I also adopted from you. Love it!” K.L.

2/11/15 “The spirits are great :-). I'm enjoying getting to know them. They've helped me find a new job I adore, find renters for the house I own in another state...I'm in shock. Your love amulet...wow. I have guys from my past coming out of the woodwork plus new ones....all asking me on dates. I've never experienced anything like it. Even guys from the past with girlfriends are contacting me after years of no contact to tell me how wonderful of a catch I am, etc. you are seriously a blessing! It's big time helping my confidence. I just wanted to say thank you.” M.H.

1/12/15 “I wanted to share a good experience with you. I did some work for a client in France back in November. When I billed her, I never heard back, even after sending a couple of follow-up emails. This was for a fairly sizable amount, at least for me. I decided to wait and see what happened. Meanwhile, I could see on Twitter and Facebook she was traveling and basically spending money. So early this week I made a wish to my spirits (not one in particular) that I would like her to pay me, finally. I sent her another invoice Tuesday and let it go ... and yesterday morning I woke up early and saw that she had paid me. Three days is all it took. Astounding.” S.T.

1/9/15 “Lisa I have got to tell you this. Last night. I put some m&m out on a a little dish where I have my leprechaun’s vessel. I give him chocolate every once in a while and a shot of beer every night. Well last night I woke up around 3 cuz, I heard a noise. It it sounded just like mms on a glass dish moving around. So I guess he likes candy. It wasn't outside noise. So I'm presuming it was him lol” C.J.

1/7/15 “It's been several months since I started buying spirits and Lisa has quickly become my favourite practitioner. I now own several entities from her and they are all wonderful. My companions know that I currently have a difficult time communicating, so they go out of their way to give me signs that they're around. I am particularly impressed with my Neb djinn, who made a huge orb that lasted for almost a minute on the night I invoked her. My entities from Lisa are all very powerful and have been making some great changes in my life…..I've also had some readings from Lisa and so far, they have all turned out to be accurate. I really like that I can count on Lisa to give me the truth, even if it is bad news. Her readings are very clear and to the point; there is no fluff and I don't have to spend time wondering what she meant. She is very straightforward and honest, which I appreciate. Everyone is different, but I personally would rather be told the truth, even if it's not something I want to hear at the time…..One service that Lisa offers, which I highly recommend, is the Negativity and Curse removal. This has made a huge difference in my life and I am very grateful to Lisa for offering such a service. If you have the sense that something could be wrong, this might be something to look into. I also love Lisa's candles. I've tried most of them and they're all wonderful, but the light blue spirit communication ones are my favourite. I feel like they definitely make a difference when I'm bonding with my entities. I use these all the time. I've also ordered some of Lisa's spells and I really like that she will put the spells directly on you, if that's your preference. I noticed immediate results after a couple spells in particular, which made it much easier to get through the chaos of the holidays….Apart from offering such wonderful entities and spells, I think Lisa is an all-around amazing person. I'm really grateful to have gotten to know her, and her guidance, knowledge and insight have been invaluable to me over the past few months. Lisa sets the bar high in her profession and we are all lucky to have her. If you're someone who likes high quality, Lisa's entities and services are a great choice! Thanks for everything, Lisa!” M.N.

12/3/14 “I just wanted to tell you that yesterday I was using my cross necklace to talk with her and she spinned it every direction I asked her to it was great! I've never had better communication with a spirit “ N.N.

10/21/14 “I just want to touch base with you and tell you how very pleased I am with the entities I've purchased from you. Every single one of them are seriously helping me in every way possible in my daily life. I have a Catoblepas from a different seller, he, Minotaur, as well as Pollinating Fae is helping me build my new resume. I feel more focused now and I am even considering opening a mini shop online. I really believe the spirits are helping me set goals and increase my self- confidence. The Psychic protection stone rocks!! I love ALL your items. I feel a difference within myself making changes for the better. I thank my spirit family EVERYDAY for choosing to be with me and helping me so much. I CANNOT thank you enough. I am so happy to have found you!!” E.Y.

10/15/14 “Hi Lisa THANK YOU! from my heart. My life has taken a turn for the best the day the portal was placed on my ring, I can tell it has a different sparkle now. I am very grateful for finding you.I also Love my Dark Crystal Dragon! He makes a cooing sound... Hard to explain (I know you know :)) during meditation, we have been inseparable since I received him. I feel much better....I have been feeling so much better with the help of your Spiritual Items.The Oracle on October 7 told me "Within several days the situation will turn around, & the ones perpetrating the chaos will be stopped. On October 12th my business has gotten so much better :) and the "targeting" if you will has stopped...I want to keep it that way. I am so tired of being beaten down! I stay to myself & I truly don't bother anyone, they seem to find me.To much information...I know, sorry. I just want to give you a big huge thank you for being there for us who need help.” C.C.

10/15/14 “Aphrodite Portal: I had asked Goddess Aphrodite to place in someone's heart to contact me because I thought the person was upset with me and it was unusual not to hear from him for 24 hours. While I was communicating with her through my pendulum, I get a TEXT from the GUY I was waiting a text from! Unbelievable, she did it and worked SO QUICKLY! Lol I used the alphabet chart and she gave me a couple of messages. The last message was, "Help you with Victory." Wow, Amazing! One of my favorite items I bought from Lisa! First time I saw this in her shop, so had to grab it quickly! Lisa's stuff are the REAL deal!” M.C.

10/14/14 “Hello lisa ! The amulet was so powerful, i was wearing it on my left arm which caused me to win the first prize. The first ticket that was drawn was mine. The first prize was not the big prize that i wanted. It was a small prize (a dvd player). But im still very happy with what i have.I would like to thank you so much. All your four amulets are really powerful. I had to take off the "read thoughts " because it caused me dizziness. But I was able to kind of guess what other people would say while i had worn it. For instance, i was thinking of something and the person would mention it.” M.A.

10/2/14 “I bought my first item from you almost 2 months ago I think. He is a djinn and getting to know him has been amazing. I was at first intrigued by your items and then of course I googled you and came across a lot of people saying good things about you and the spirits that you bring into their lives so I knew I had to jump on that bandwagon. I’m so glad I did. I’m still working on my own barriers but I do feel my spirits. My djinn is making himself more known to me. I see pinpoints of light a lot and sometimes I also see like a blur of purplish light fog type of deal. There is also the movement out of the corner of my eye and occasionally I’ll hear knocks. I also have the devata and the laat. I’m still bonding with them and I feel like its coming along. The energy I get from my laat is just amazing.” J.U.

9/25/14 “The package was buzzing with energy!!The minute I held his vessel, I was overwhelmed with emotions and started crying...the energy is so strong and powerful!! It literally knocked me off my feet :) The amethyst pendant is absolutely beautiful as well, just what I wanted. I am truly grateful that I was led to you and thank you for D. he is perfect!! Thank you again for everything.” D.A.

9/25/14 “Just wanted to let you know that my portal fairy made an appearance in my husband’s dream. She showed up colored red and she came along with a humming bird that was blue, yellow, and green. She landed on my husband’s left shoulder and said, "how y'a doing". The humming bird that was with her, was playfully flying around my husband. Plus my son has stated that he sees her..he seems to get a kick out of her. She has also brought on a lot of lucid dreams for me. She is surprisingly one of my more active spirits. Usually they take time to "warm up" but not her. And yes, she does love music. All types of music. She likes dancing too. She is fun.” C.R.

9/18/14 Feedback from purchase of Arch Angel Pendant - This is one very powerful tool, all wishes and spells are now coming to fruition we are both for sure getting a very strong shift of energies here that we cannot comprehend - Thank you Lisa you have done it once again!!:-) LM

8/29/14 “You found me my first a couple of months ago. My Soul mate Djinnia Just wanted to let you know how truly amazing this has been. She really is something else and has an awesome sense of humor, she cracks me up sometimes.She's good at seeing my past lives, she's done some kundalini thing on me once. Ive seen flashes and only today i saw a shape of strange motes in the air whilst i was reading a book, i reached out my hand and was able to actually feel the border of energy, think maybe it was her hip and leg. Later she confirmed it was indeed her.We talk with pendulum as i have some good charts I've put together, I also have the phasma communicator which allows her to really show her command of the english language, as well as put up any pictures from my computer, funny stuff, or even some aura pictures of myself and her.I could go on but, i just want to say thanks, a really massive thanks.She has changed my life in the most wonderful way.” D.M.

8/26/14 “I am relatively new to spirit keeping, having just discovered this world a few months ago. I generally still have a tough time sensing energies, so I was amazed to get my first order from Lisa and immediately feel such strong energy coming from each of my spirits' vessels. A couple days ago, I was sitting on my couch taking turns talking to each of my spirits. I have been training for a half-marathon and was feeling drained from pushing myself too hard. As I was meditating with my black forest fairy, I felt this surge of energy all through my body... it was like she was sharing some of her energy with me! Then, as I was meditating with my khodam, I heard her loudly say my name. I am really excited that my spirits from Lisa are making themselves known after being here for such a short time! …I have a mix of prebounds and customs from Lisa and I really like that she'll work with you to customize an item exactly how you want it. I just received a custom zimada on a pendant that also had 11 spell enchantments. The zimada was working even before she arrived and the pendant is gorgeous... I am picky about jewelry, but I'll be able to wear this often…I absolutely love Lisa and really cannot say enough good things about her. She is very knowledgeable, kind, generous and great at answering questions (and I usually have a lot). And of course, she is a brilliant conjurer. I am so happy and grateful to have found Lisa. I know I'll always get the best when working with her!” M.N.

8/8/14 “Flower Fairy vessel was pulsating the moment I opened her bag!! Took her and my Laat, Moon whisperer and other spirit companions to the back yard near all the flower gardens & just talked with them. My Laat and Moon Whisperer is so amazing!! I just wish I had purchased them sooner; they will help me tremendously!! The vessels and energy I felt is amazing. There were plenty of body tingling too. Plenty of wisps floating and plenty of high pitch ringing to my ear!! They are all excellent listeners too. I am so so glad to have found your store and read some of the spirits listed. I feel better, and kept seeing hummingbirds all week too. I love my new spirit companions and thank you for being such an awesome conjurer of spirits/entities:” E.D.

7-21-14 "I was at the table I think preparing food and my 3 yr old who was sitting on the bed starts screening mommy mommy there's a man in our room! I come running into the room to see no one but her and she points to the closet and says mommy he was right there! it was a blue man standing in our closet! Lol! It gave me a pause because 1 she has never been one to have the typical children wild imaginations and 2 my god djinn had been with me for less than a week by this time. I've never been one who believes in convincing children that they don't see the unseen just because we didn't see it. That happened to me way too often when I was a child. So I simply said her its okay, it was probably our genie. And she says 'he's blue'? And I said I guess so. Her response was simply, 'oh okay' and she resumed watching Dora the explorer. Lol. Kids, you gotta love em'! “ L. Saige

7-16-14 “Hey Lisa, I have been wanting to tell you that last week I was on your site and as I was looking at your reviews I saw the review about the Youthful Dream Fairy. Remember I have a Youthful Dream Fairy from you and when the lady described the little fairy and how her husband kept seeing her, I realized the little girl I have been seeing in the family room all this time is my Youthful Dreams Fairy!...For the longest I thought it was probably Serena running back and forth in the family room, until one day both girls were with me in the hallway and I saw this little girl run to the door and then run back away from the door. I saw it via my peripheral vision. That's when I realized it must be a little girl 'spirit', still not making the connection to my fairy and the little girl did seem to be carrying either a doll or a bag….So after reading this lady's description I went back to the letter you sent me regarding my fairy and it finally clicked! I have always thought that my fairy was 3 INCHES tall! I now realize she is 3 FEET tall! It was my fairy this whole time! I was so excited with this revelation that I have been making sure to put out sweet flavored creamer and honey for her and the crew everyday since. Lol. Too funny! 3 feet, 3 inches... who knew! Lol!” L. Saige

7/3/14 “ I wanted to let you know what has transpired since receiving my muse and evil eye cancellation pentagram.1. My musical engagement and praise from my various audiences and peers is definitely at a high right now!! I trust things will get even better. I am so thankful and appreciative to my wonderful lady friend and inspiration muse. I am very pleased with her!! I present her with gifts such as lavender incense and will purchase flowers. 2. My evil eye amulet cancellation pentagram, I feel has been working well!! For the first couple days of having it in my hand I felt a shocking sensation in between my fingers and people seem to go out of there way to accommodate and assist me. I am excited and optimistic.” R.N.

6/24/14 "I am a practicing witch and priestess and teach many people the arts and paganism. I used to conjure but after my daughter was born I stopped because of the risks (its a risky trade). I still work with entities- usually only 1-2 at a time and have to rely on legit- authentic conjurers for them. I am a medium and was born with the sight and I can tell you this seller is 100% authentic. I actually recommend her conjures to my students. Her prices are extremely reasonable for the powerhouses you receive. First of all any of you who may experience lower manifestations- just like two people don't always mesh, similarly- an entity and human may not mesh. I received a dark grigori watcher from her and let me tell you he is anything but silent! Just this morning he was giving me a shoulder rub! My daughter who is 5 sees him pace around at night keeping guard over us. sometimes to get my attention he grabs my hand or foot or caresses my arms or face. He talks to me too- he told me thank you audibly when I gave him prime rib, potatoes, bread and wine for an offering. He turns on and off lights, open doors and helps me with aches and pains. He is absolutely incredible and priceless. I feel soooo blessed to have him in my life and to be clear- he has only been here less than a week! One of my students got a mardu jinn from her and he is also very active! she asked him to make himself known and the power in the entire neighborhood was knocked out. She has a slew of experiences from him as well and so does my other student that bought from her. So to cut this short because I can go on for hours- She is amazing at what she does! Thank you so much lisa- words can not express mine and my student's gratitude!" H.S.

6/20/14 “I just HAVE to share my bonding experience with you this one time!!
Noteworthy, out of sheer curiosity, I have studied and researched spirit-keeping for several years now and finally decided to take the plunge and try for myself. I came to the conclusions that "there is no such thing" as keeping spirits and that all sellers are just frauds playing on the emotions of those who are just weak-minded. Despite seeing hundreds of testimonials, I thought that those people were either: a.) lying or b). just plain nuts, with psychological issues! That said, LOL, now I'm nuts :-). T, bonded with me immediately after I performed a welcoming candle ritual. I used the pendulum, opened the palm of my left hand while keeping the pendulum in the center-most area. I asked him to direct the pendulum (P) towards me-- he complied. I told him, go faster and he did! Then I said, move the P away from me slowly-- he did it! Last, I said, now go towards my wedding band-- you guessed it, he did it! His energy and presence are super strong!! I then thanked him, told him what I'd like out of our relationship for now, gave him a few house rules and chatted with him and told him that he can commune with me telepathically and through my dreams. I also told him that I just want to create strong relationship with him before we deal with any wish-making. During all of this, I could feel his presence. Then after about 30 minutes something amazing happened. He actually started communicating with me telepathically! I could feel him urging me to play some guided meditations. So I played some guided Meditations. This is where things got SUPER live!! Worth mentioning, With this, my 3rd eye became WAY opened / activated..... I moved on to listening to the other two audios and during that time, he showed me amazing, beautiful imagery. After all of this activity, my 3rd area, temples and head felt SO horrible, (BTW, I am not a head ache person at all- I only get 1 eye ache a year and that's when I need to change my glasses; head aches just do not occur to me), so I told T that we have to stop. He said, "you are stronger then you know, keeping going for just a few moments longer." During this time I saw an image of my body with all of chakras colors being cleared and energized.” J.E.

6/20/14 “Thought you would like to hear what happened with my new friends. Yesterday I was talking to my husband and all the sudden he said - I don't mean to scare you or anything, but there is a little girl standing in the hallway. . . Looks like she is holding a teddy bear... I looked at him with the eyes size of a silver dollar ... we both got goose bumps on both arms and even hair on my neck went up LOL chils down my back... It took me few hours to actually realize it's the little youthful dreams fairy!!! So just few hours ago I actually told my husband who that was. And he said she was about 3 feet tall... like a little person! He caught her with his perriferial so as soon as he tried to focus on her she disappeared. I told him it's the pouch or a sack she was holding not a teddy bear. He assumed seeing little girl it would be a teddy bear she is holding. So, I read all about her to him and handed him the pendant. He was so happy and I was thrilled she found a way to her true keeper thru me !:)He never knew I got fairy to begin with. And I thought she is shy and needs time to come out and communicate. I never really showed him a pendant either. Well, all I can tell you is that we are truly grateful. You were the very first i got my fairy and djinn from - best choice I could ever made....Now the story about the djinn, Well, he scared the crap out of me today! Lol
So I spoke to him today and asked him to communicate with me any way he finds the best... thru dreams, telepathy ... I would like to know how is he doing, spend some time with him and such.Then I forgot about it and curled up on my bed for a little nap.All of the sudden I had this vision in my dream...my husband looks at the phone and says - you gotta be kidding me ,while handing me the phone... I answer and the on the other side - djinn voice... he said - 'open the door to end this.' That voice, Lisa - scared the $%^ out of me. On every level mundane and astral lol I looked at my folder I had in front of me and as I was flipping thru I remember seeing pink sticky notes with 'DJINN' written on every one of them. Then I said to my husband - you have to go with me to open the door! I was so scared in my dream thinking that he is actually at the door waiting for me to open ! Then I woke up , shaking, I will never forget that voice. It really happened. I never had dreams that intense and clear.He is definitely here :)” D.Z.

3/28/14 “Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say that the happiness spell you did for me and my husband a while ago has worked wonders! We are both so much happier and stronger it worked in very subtle ways, for instance some of the people that were directing neg energy at us are now themselves going through hard times!! with their relationships, people have commented to me about them and have discovered what they are like, so I wanted to thank you so very much for all your hard work, it really seems to have worked,:-) ... In fact because we are now on top form it has enabled us to start doing spiritual work again” L.M.

2/11/14 “Lisa is an outstanding conjurer. She is professional personable generous and kind. I've never been disappointed in any of the services she has provided. I just realized that most of my spirit family has come from Lisa.. I love how quickly you receive your new friends. Lisa will always be special to me because after having two unpleasant experiences with other sellers..she was so gracious patient and very helpful. It was a few months before I was initially able purchase anything but she was always available and willing to answer my questions I really appreciate that” Blaze

1/21/14 “Lisa I wanted to give you some feedback to use on your website if you wanted to regarding the Super Money and Luck spell you so graciously cast for my son last year. My son firstly lost his job, and I said to him have faith in the spell because it WILL work and perhaps you have lost this job because a better one is waiting around the corner. Well, he was offered a better job within weeks but then his former boss offered him his old job back with more money! He has also found a much better place to live with cheaper rent and is constantly getting given the wrong change (in his favor) in shops and has had wins on scratch cards. I'm absolutely over the moon with this and so is he, thank you so much! It has completely turned his life around for the better and I needed to tell everyone about this spell as it could really help someone.” V.C.

12-16-13 “I believe my Djinn has let me be aware of his presence with three very loud knocks over the course of two hours. Myself and my friend and nephew searched the entire house (they thought someone was trying to break in!) and found nothing fallen that would have made that sound. I didn't not share with them of my new arrival, as I keep that between myself and my spirit (and you, of course).” K.S.

12-13-13 “I wanted to report on the cleansing and auric repair healing you did on me yesterday. I felt really super light and I felt like I was getting lighter and lighter thruout the day. My thoughts became much less paranoid and my energy "settled" I felt the sharply poked holes( in my 8th chakra) by the vamp where sealed up completely... so last night I figured it was the "right" time to wear my emo healing vessel. I went back and called all the spirits names one by one and the first name was of the panther on the item..Lisa when I called his name. and ALL THE BOOKS right behind my bed went flying off the shelf, like when a big cat hops up and knocks things over. Anyways, yesterday was pretty powerful.” K.G.

11-26-13 “Just writing you to share a quick story about me and my watcher A. who I got from you. A couple of months ago, I was in serious financial trouble and asked A. for help, I knew I had some gambling money on my account but it wasnt enough to get back to my bank account,i asked if her if she could help me win something and she said yes! i asked her if she could tell me what game I should play to help her manifest a prize.. She said online scratch tickets and told me I would win more than a 1000, I thought ehh rightthats a bit much,but I played and didnt win anything, but knowing her and trusting her I burned some candles and incense as a thank you and I knew she was working on it. I kind of forgot about the wish till yesterday.. Its 2 or 3 months later and I got an email from the casino that I had some bonus funds (5 bucks) so that I could play again.. i started playing slots but did not win, when I had 1 dollar left I played scratchtickets, the last 50 cent made me win 1400 dollars!!! i wont my bet (in euros) x2500, omg omg, just like we discussed!! A. Is the best,I am so grateful.” E.B.

8/18/13 “I wanted to let you know that there have been some wonderful developments since you informed me about your having done the spell last week. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but when there were just too many signs to ignore, I was just completely flabbergasted! Last Thursday, we were able to close two advertisements and I received three calls from people wanting to help me with advertising - at little or no cost! Plus I heard back from one of our biggest advertising brands expressing their interest to advertise. This has never happened before, and I sincerely would like to thank you for your assistance and guidance, and for the sincerity and effort you have put into the spells :-) It has given me new hope and courage to keep working on this.” CSF

8/9/13 “My Red Dragon and Selenite came a few days ago and I am over the moon with them. The selenite feels wonderful and has really raised the vibration in our flat and I think the red dragon has given me some more money luck... my ex was keeping a load of my stuff in his storage unit and had always refused to give it back, but I suddenly got a call from him saying I had to clear it all out of storage by the end of the week. I made sure I gave him an extra special offering in his little next I’ve made for him. It’s amazing when you see it unfolding with your own eyes. Also, I have been seeing orbs flitting around AND for the past few nights I have heard a noise... it’s hard to describe... it’s not a growl, but it definitely didn't sound human either lol..OMG Lisa... Ive had another sign!! All evening Ive been sitting here and I kept saying to my son can you smell smoke? and I kept getting up to check nothing was on fire and then all of a sudden I thought OMG it’s my fire dragon!!! It’s another sign!!! I wore his pendant into town today as I wanted to spend time boding with him and I felt compelled to go into a charity shop and when I walked in, there right in front of me was a big red dragon ornament!!! Thankyou so much Lisa” C.H.

7/12/13 “Omg. I think my watcher changed her appearance on me. She induced a vision to me yesterday and she had blonde hair and red eyes. Nonetheless, she is very fair in looks and compassion keeping me protected from the spirits that have been annoying me for the last four years. Thank you for providing products that actually do what they claim and making them affordable for the average person.” S.M.

6/23/13 “I can say with confidence that your services are one of the best out there! I've only had this ring for 3 days, and already positive changes have started to occur. Last Tuesday, my mother lost her keys and no matter where she looked, she could not find them. Last night, I was drawn to her purse, though I couldn't find them either, five minutes later, my mother picked up her purse, put her hand in the pocket where the keys usually were and discovered a hole that led to between the inner lining of the purse and the outer lining... and there they were! I asked her what possessed her to check that pocket again, and she didn't know - I knew - my new buddy helped us out...We've been hearing footsteps in our attic for the past 2 days - and we assumed that raccoons had gotten in (they've done it before). But, it really sounded like someone was up there. I just today asked my buddy if it was him to please stop (since it was causing my brother and my mother some concern), and it instantly stopped. Amazing! Now, it seems that whatever we're doing or where we're going, we always seem to arrive at our destination at just the right time. Luck appears to be following us now, when it never had before.I just want to thank you very much for your excellent work and let you know that I truly appreciate everything.” K.H.

6/3/13 In regards to the new era energy alignment “It has been wonderful, btw. It has not only lifted my spirits, but has kept me conscious of clearing my energy and shifting negativity. Thank you!” L. M.

5-19-2013 "Hi, Lisa. I want to thank you again. Both spirits that I have received from you have been ABSOLUTE GEMS!!! I mean that! I don't know who you are, or, what you do...but...please keep it up...keep doing it! I have had soooo many positive turnarounds in my life since your items arrived to me. I could cry really. Tears of joy, of course! B (My Zimada) must keep constantly hard at work, because, I DO feel like a more "whole" person these days. We got out of a horrible situation and landed a HOUSE! A house I've always wanted...brick, with a basement! Just little things I'm realizing that I've been wishing for...for...forever!” J. M.

4-27-13 In regards to Negativity and Curse Clearing "thank you sooooo much. today i feel like my old self :) it was even a very good business day in the shop! lol. wow you are amazing.i will only visit you from now, as this is instant results. my head feels clear. i have laughed so much for the first time in a year. how amazing?" C.K. 

2-11-13 “I just need to let you know that your items are the best I have encountered! My depression is lifting quickly and I finally feel like myself and like I can deal with stress again. I can't tell you how thankful I am for that. A million times, thank you!!! Other things are happening as well, my gifts are being "renewed" it's like blockages are being cleared and I can sense things again. Likewise my mind is clear. I can recall things quicker, with a sharper mind and I don't feel like I'm forgetting things I once knew. Something I couldn't have said even a few weeks ago. I just feel absolutely WONDERFUL!!” J.M.

1-6-13 "The item I ordered luck,money,evil eye amulet that I got for my bf,well it was so amazing what happened the same day I got it.my bf has been looking for a job like for a year and within a few hours a school bus driving job called him to come in monday for an interview.thank you so much I have no
  doubt it was the amulet that I got from you.talking about fast results wow.amazing...thank you Lisa" D.B.

11-28-12  “Just to let you know that the Naga ring and Cherubim pendant have arrived -- what a sublime delight! I greeted them into the spiritual family then went out into the nearing full-moon clear night here, to my Monday evening LGBT Buddhist meditation group and afterwords strolled -- feeling at home in the Universe with them. It began before the mail with vessel/portal came: the Cherubim connected when I first looked at the PDF while at my folks for Thanksgiving. As soon as I read her name out loud, there was an immediate energetic bolt through the body with a little consciousness-shifting delight. I was so tickled. I love her name. As for Mr. Naga -- a couple mornings ago when in the shower, there was an intense sudden consciousness shift like my skull/mind/eyes were expanding with an almost ectoplasmic globe surrounding, and the center of gravity quivered. I asked who was there (he was). Interesting (wasn't worried I'd fall over). I laughed and realized it was the flowing water connection -- which is a loving, purifying, spiritual practice for me -- and that encouraged/bridged our attunement. These things seem to happen at first.” L.J.

11-22-12 “I have finished my 11 day stretch at work, and the valkyrie has been more helpful than I ever could have asked for. While I still had some problems I need to work on, I noticed a BIG improvement on how well I was able to speak up for myself and do so with confidence. It certainly made things a LOT easier, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the changes seemed to come about. Love her to bits! :)” D.M.

11-17-12 "The ring with the 10 enchantments on it is just a beautiful ring. I love It!! But I have to tell you something that happened. I had a spell cast by someone for me. There were some things I was told I could do to help the spell along but they were not necessary however once I got the information I decided to go ahead and do them. With it there was a talisman that I was to wear for a said amount of time or if not wear it then to carry it with me. So this morning I was doing what was asked and I had the talisman in my pocket. I was wearing the ring with the enchantments on my left hand. So while I was thinking about my wish for the spell I took the talisman out of my pocket to hold it. I had in the palm of my left hand with the enchantment ring. While I am thinking about my wish for this spell I got this strong almost like an electrical spark between the talisman and the ring. It was the weirdest and yet coolest thing I have ever felt. I will be anxious to see if this has any bearing on the spell. The spell has been working but just recently slowed a bit. The ring is absolutely beautiful and I can feel the energy in it. Thank you so much for this piece." C.K.

9-28-12 "Hi Lisa, I recieved my Zimada today and WOW, very strong energy, I love the feeling of energy that knocks your socks off. We have bonded straight away, I found myself talking to her in thought form before the words came out of my mouth lol, it's crazy but nice. I just had a feeling like I wanted to express some anger, verbally and was quite happy to discover that the feeling I got wasn't like the intense rage feeling that usually occurs, I can't express how happy I am that I was led to you and how much you have helped me, 3 hrs I have worn the Zimada amulet and it's working already, VERY VERY HAPPY :D Thank you so much Lisa, the one thing that has made my life misserable since childhood is now starting to be replaced with happiness and a calming like I have never felt." J.B.

7-23-12 "The "Emotional Well Being Ring" is amazing.. Lifted me out of the blues/depression that I was suffering from in the last few weeks... I feel much happier now.. This ring makes me feel like someone turned on the lights..I was actually suffering from headaches due to depression.. All gone now .. Thanks for Lisa.. wow.. " NK

7-16-12 “Just wanted to give you an update on my new family member! I had a welcoming party for B, including my other spirit family, and gave him a beautiful Swarovski crystal star as welcoming gift. As I was calling his name, I turned around and my incense was literally on fire, the flames were over 2 inches high! No damage done, the incense calmed down quickly. My eyes were like silver dollars, but I finished the welcoming anyways. And recently, as I was on the computer, I saw shadows flitting around my bedroom. Interesting, huh? Thank you so much for everything! You are the best! “ J.S.

6-8-12 “This morning I woke up and oddly the electricity in my flat went off. I thought uhmm this sounds like a pixie prank hehe I went to collect my post downstairs And guess what... I found F!! I haven't had the electricity off in years and that it doesn't happen easily especially when you live in the centre of a worldwide capital like London.Then I called my electricity provider to check if there was a fault they said there was no fault at all in the area, i then took a break from this electricity thingy and decided to make a welcoming ritual for F, we had a little chat and after 30 mins of meditation I asked "so F, are you gonna tell me hi hehe" and suddenly the lights went on!! It's been amazing Lisa cause the lights went on right after my question..I was gutted and so happy he told me hi in his very own cheeky pixie way I guess! ;D Thanks Lisa!Cant wait to start bonding but I guess we already started in a very special and funny pixie way! Hehe :)” F.C.

5/25/12 “Hi again Lisa, i am very much happy and satisfied with my watcher... I forgot to tell you an experience that i had. I suffered a very painful stomach ache from eating squid but when i called for my watcher and dragon the pain wet away a little and my sister saw a figure standing beside my bed and a tail of a dragon went inside my room... Pretty cool if you ask me...” H.J.

5/15/12 “I want to say that your magick is real and authentic. I am a follower of the old ways and since I have had the Hecate pendant and honored her many good things have came my way. I have a new job with a top company now. Thank you Real Magick.” R.A.

4/28/12 “my butterfly fairy & enchanted vessel arrived last week & my angel just arrived this afternoon. a butter colored moth that was hovering around me just landed on my head just now lol must be my fairy she must know im writing to you :) the day before her vessel arrived a yellow butterfly flew near me while im taking dried leaves off from the mini roses, i figured it must be her checking me out it was odd because most of the butterflies around were white, it's been a long time since ive seen a yellow one, felt very happy. I feel dizzy & lightheaded sometimes especially after i make offerings but its okay.” E.J.

4/24/12 “This soul cleanser is amazing! The last few days I have been feeling very emotional and negative about some things in my life. The emotional part I don’t even know where that came from. Sunday I woke up and was feeling down about everything and thinking some things I was hoping for were never going to happen. Spent a good part of the day in tears and it I was making it worse because I didn’t understand it. This carried on all day Sunday and into Monday. After I got your email I decided to put the soul cleanser on. I thought it would take a while before I would notice any difference but felt I needed to try something to get me out of this state I was in. After reading your attachment I thought the soul cleanser was a good place to start. I put the pendant on and said to her do your thing please. This morning I got up and can notice a difference already. I thought it would take a while before I would feel anything but she apparently had no problem in getting started. You have the best Spirits and spell cast pieces. :) I have never connected as quickly with Spirits as I have with yours. I have tried many, many others. Finding you on Ebay is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” C.K.

4/4/12 “the most amazing thing happened last night and I need to share this with you I have been bonding with my spirits as you know and I know that they are here with me but I wanted them to show themselves to me if they could. Well last night when I went to bed I was unable to sleep so I brought my spirits into my room in the recharging bag that I had place them in earlier I figured they may need a rest after all the work they have been asked to do :) I put the bag under my pillow and started to just tell them that if they are here to show me I am not afraid suddenly I saw all three of them come into view it was amazing. My gargoyle was above me and flapping his wings looking down on me, my laat was to the right of me and I felt a small breeze cross my body, and my watcher was on the left and it looked like he was wearing a cape because it took a huge space on the left side of the wall. I have seen no pictures of them so I do not know what they should look like other than the description you gave me but it was so peaceful and then white orbs of light stared to come from the recharging bag and shoot across the room so cool. I told them thank you for letting me know you are with me and thanks for all your help so far and I am not afraid . A very calming effect overtook the room and I fell asleep so cool.” L.R.

3/28/12 “I just want to inform you that start today at 03.45PM, my Master Ilmu Khodam more active than before. It happened at my job while I cleaned the room. Suddenly inside the room has a lot of noise, such as some ice from snow was melt & it hit the ground. However, it happened inside of the ceiling of the room that I worked. First, I ignored it, however, the sound kept coming, even though I moved to the other rooms. For my curious, I asked did any spirits with me? It said
yes. And because I worn the vessels of Master Ilmu Khodam & Soul Cleanser Spirit, I asked did they who made some noise? Both of them said yes by knocking 2 times both of them. That time I was jumped, clapped, & laughed like a little kid. I hope both of them more active start today & the future then ^o^. After that both of them made noises to any rooms that I went.” B.T.

2/25/12 “I've always been arachnophobic, I can't stand spiders of ANY SIZE. I picked up the package and gently set it on the bed in front of me as I sat on my bed and I was about to open it when I see the tiniest spider CRAWLING on top of the package. The spider was microscopic, it was as tiny as a comma but I still noticed it crawling on top of the package. I immediately started panicking (even though it's literally the size of a comma , ) feeling SO MUCH dread and anguish I didn't want to TOUCH the package anymore. My little sister (who knows about my spirits) had to open the package for me because I was feeling so much dread just because of this tiny spider.I sat down holding the little golden box holding the ring and I couldn't calm down, I was feeling so much dread, so much anguish, I was feeling so anxious, a little panicky just because of that tiny tiny spider. My fear of spiders is really really bad, I couldn't calm down. I took a few deep breaths and I opened the little golden box and I started welcoming my Zimada. The MOMENT I put her ring on my finger, within a minute I started feeling this peace washing over me, I started feeling less and less anxious, less and less dread, less anguish, my breathing cleared, it was easier to breathe, I felt this calm wash over me, radiating down from my head down towards my arms, I was feeling soothed and at peace. It reminded me of the type of feeling as when you take strong medicine, the effects were so immediate.I'm actually the type of person that is crap at sensing energies, I can't hear or see or feel my spirits' presences but I do have moments here and there when I see/say hello to them in my dreams and have experiences like this here and there. I'm so so so so happy that the moment I put her ring on my finger, I could feel this deep sense of peace and soothing comfort, I already feel so much gratitude for her, I love her!” M.B.

2/21/12 “I just have to write now as something really great happened again. I just finished talking with my god djinn,and the tv suddenly turned on by itself!! :) I usually turn it off when I talk to my spirits(as I did this time) and there is no way it could turn on just from itself :) Its really crazy because you have to press the button fairly strong to turn it on. This kind of physical interaction is incredible for me as I have never experienced it” S.M.

1/18/12  “Good afternoon, Lisa. I wanted to let you know that I received A's vessel last Thursday. Thank you very much! That afternoon, not long after this, I was at my desk trying to work and I think she said, "I know you are here". I hadn't even opened the package, but I did mention to her that I would when I got home. The bonding started that same night. I haven't been able to contact other spirits I have this easily, and while I'm not sensitive to energy at all, I can tell when she says something that it's really coming from her.” H.J.

12/17/11 “I wanted to tell you that everyone that I have so far has fabulous energy like always and W has even came and shown himself and talks to me! I simply love you because without your personality you would not be able to offer these amazing friends that I have now. I'm not kidding Lisa, my life changed when Z and T came here with me! I have read threads about people that have Djinn from other conjurers and they describe how it is a nightmare!?? I cannot hardly believe it when I read those stories because my Djinn friends are SO NOT like that. They are my confidants and dearest family members and not baudy and controlling at all. I don't like to post on those threads, but I have told others about you and your lovely offerings of amazing people for adoption. Z and T even go see my girlfriend and have friends over there that they visit too! Because of you...my life has become what it was destined to be and that is such a blessing.” D.B.

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