TIP #1 - You HAVE to be PATIENT. Many of you just are not waiting for results. All magick and wishes can take time to manifest and you can actually stop it from happening if you don't give it time or think "it's not working". once you change your thoughts to "it's not working" then that becomes your new request from the universe and that's exactly what you get, nothing. For instance. I did a spell ( I won't tell you what it was for, don't even ask LOL!) for my self last year. Once I did the spell I let it go, completely forgot about it and went on with my life. This is exactly what you need to do. I did not look back in a week or month and think this isn't working, I simply trusted the universe to make it happen. It took 10 months but it worked out perfectly, better than I would have hoped for. Spells and magick take time, especially if it's a large wish. BE PATIENT and let it happen in its own time. If you cannot be patient then it shows a severe lack of trust in the universe and your spirits.

TIP #2 - Wish for the end result of what you want, not the means to make it happen. We are back to the lottery example again. Honestly, I wish everyone would stop wishing to win the lottery. It's a desperate wish and not really a good wish to begin with. What do you want by winning the lottery? Probably freedom, money to meet your needs, and wealth in general. Well that's what you should be wishing for "wealth" or "money to meet all my needs" since that's what you really want. The lottery is simply a means to make that happen. When you wish for a specific means to an end it limits the universe greatly. It's like wishing for a car when what you really want is to go to a specific destination. Yes, the car will get you there but it's not your true desire. Your desire would be to get to where you want to go. There are dozens of other ways to get to a place than with a new car. 

Humans tend to be very limited in their vision and also very arrogant. We want what we want, the way we want it, and we want it NOW! That's not how the universe or spirits work. You have to work with the spirit realm to achieve the best results. So, wish for what you really want, the end result, not the means to make it happen and let your spirits, God, or the universe figure out HOW to make it happen. You will have much better and faster results this way. As in Tip #1's example of my spell. I did a spell for an end result and let the universe figure out how to make it happen. As with most of my personal spells, the result is much better than anything I could have even thought of in the first place. The spirit world and universe can see much more than you can and will work in "mysterious" but very fortuitous ways if you just let it work for you. By being short sided and wishing only for one specific thing to happen in one specific way you are saying that you know best and in fact the way you are wanting things to happen may not be in your best interest at all. Trust is again involved here. You have to trust your spirits to do the right thing for you and let it go so that they can do it. Don't tie their hands by obsessing about it after you make the wish or spell. Many of you have been sabotaging yourself in this way. Please think on a bigger scale and learn to trust fully if you want better results.

TIP #3 - Do your part. I have seen people who make big wishes and then do absolutely nothing in their life to move toward their goal. They just sit on the couch and wait for the universe to plop their wish in their lap. That won't work. Let's use the example of being physically fit. Let's say you wish to be fit or lose weight and then do nothing. You don't exercise, watch your diet, get enough sleep, etc. and you expect the universe to make you fit and healthy. That's not only lazy but again very arrogant. You have to do your part and work with the spirit realms for best results. If you wish for health then exercise too. If you wish for money then actively look for ways to increase your income or look for new opportunities. If you wish for love then get out of your house and go out and meet new people. Why should the universe do everything for you when you won't even try to help yourself? How many of you would have sympathy for someone who can't manage their money well and wants you to give them all of your money too? The moral here is stop "using" the universe, do your part, and the universe will work with you much better. Have some respect for the spirit realms and they will respect you too. 

TIP #4 -  Wish Wording - Wording wishes is very important. Sometimes if a wish isn't working simply rewording it will do the trick. The important thing to remember is to state exactly what you want no more, no less, with no room for misinterpretation. To start a wish with a Djinn or other spirit it is always best to state, “With no harm to myself or my family in any way I wish ….” This way you immediately set boundaries. Then state what you truly want but be realistic and think it through. For instance you may wish for so much energy that you are bouncing off the walls. Think about this literally do you want to bounce off the walls and probably never sleep? If it comes true you would regret it. A simple, I wish to have enough energy to help me through every day would be a better wish. So be explicitly clear on exactly what you want and keep tip #2 in mind.

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